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I Want the Bloody Mucus and Constant Pain to Stop

User ID: 1165172
United States
02/05/2011 04:43 PM
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I Want the Bloody Mucus and Constant Pain to Stop

[link to aircrap.org] damned
[link to aircrap.org]

Teenage Girl to Chemtrail Pilots: I Want the Bloody Mucus and Constant Pain to StopFrom Niki in Western, PA: I am eighteen and have always been a severe asthmatic with a significant amount of allergies. Every year since I was four, seasons would change and my health would take a turn for the worse. At the age of fifteen, my parents found an excellent pulmeanologist. He evaluated my sickness and gave several critical, helpful recommendations. I was feeling better within months; I was able to exercise without stopping, I could breathe in the fall, I was unstoppable! For the next couple years, my health only grew stronger. Nothing that I have personally done has changed; my sheets are cleaned on an exaggerated basis, my mattress cover is airtight and my diet remains exceptional. I do no subject myself to anything could jeopardize my new found health, except continue my outdoor pleasures. When the chem trails were brought to my attention, I was slightly amused, the idea sounded ludicrous. Then it happened: my first bad attack in years! This past summer, I found jogging was an uncomfortable obstacle and swimming in my own pool was almost out of the question. Fishing, alone, would cause an attack. I was furious, I AM furious! I have been sick for months now, unjustly sprayed on and put at risk. I cannot stop coughing, wheezing has become a norm, and the headaches rarely cease. Even my menstrual cycle is irregular, which has NEVER been an issue. Am I to live a life of indoor activities now? I am disappointed in this recent development and downright scared for my own well-being. I just want the bloody mucus and constant physical pain to be relieved without the passage of further medication.

Hereís another message from Diane in Belgium: I am a MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) patient from Belgium. For many months now, chemicals are being sprayed in the skies above from where I live. They give me lots of allergic reactions, exhaustion, and sinus infections. Because of the MCS I have to always stay inside my home and just observe the sky through my window. I want the spraying to stop.

Photo source: MyTudutís flickr photostream

Note: photo is not Niki. She didnít feel comfortable putting her photo on the internet.