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New Madrid Seismic Zone: A cold, dying fault? so are TPTB going to RE-Start it?

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United Kingdom
02/07/2011 04:39 PM
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New Madrid Seismic Zone: A cold, dying fault? so are TPTB going to RE-Start it?
New Madrid Seismic Zone: A cold, dying fault?

If Dr. Stein is right, then there is no immediate worry about a large Madrid Fault EQ, and the EPRI report does not expect anything in the next three years.
Strange that FEMA is preparing meals/kits "now" with a shelf life of three years?
With this in mind, are tptb using Tesla and/or HAARP technology to very soon induce an EQ? Please see the following PDF (censored from the Alex Jones show)
[link to www.cftc.gov]
There is no mention of March 15 2011, but it does show that the technology is there!

New Madrid Seismic Zone: A cold, dying fault?

1) Precise measurements with GPS show that the ground is barely moving or isn't moving, so little or no strain is building up for a future earthquake
2) The small earthquakes we see today look like aftershocks of the large 1811-12 earthquakes
3) The New Madrid zone doesn't look thermally or mechanically different from many other structures in the central U.S.
4) Geological data show that the New Madrid zone goes through pulses of activity
The simplest explanation is that the present pulse is ending
[link to www.earth.northwestern.edu]

Why is FEMA Preparing for Catastrophic Disaster Event?

Seth Stein, the William Deering Professor of Geological Sciences at Northwestern University, called the project on seismic source characterization "routine" and the timing of FEMA's requests for information "coincidence." Dr. Stein has studied the New Madrid Seismic Zone for more than ten years.

However, responding by email to questions about a report by Electric Power Research Institute entitled "Central and Eastern U.S. Seismic Source Characterization," which was to be delivered to the NRC on December 31, 2010, Dr. Stein called the project "a routine scientific project" that is not "a boondoggle." Dr. Stein also stated in the email, "[T]he EPRI report is a scientific study with nothing in there that would claim a big earthquake in the next three years."
[link to www.bayoubuzz.com]

The three-year figure is significant because on its request for information on meals, FEMA stipulated that "[a]ll meals/kits must have 36 months of remaining shelf life upon delivery."

Seth A. Stein - CV
[link to www.earth.northwestern.edu]