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Message Subject Scientific Exegesis of the Qu'ran (Video in French - article in english) - Brother Bruno Bonnet-Eymard
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.."It is certainly the case that in the Qur’an, the author makes several references to himself, but he is remarkable for the overall silence about himself. In Sura III, vs.144 he calls himself muhammadun, and from the work of Ibn Hisam onwards, this has been taken to be the real name of the founder of Islam. Br. Bruno says that this is not the case, and gives his proofs at length. It is interesting to note that this assertion of the non-existence of Muhammed has not drawn a single rebuttal from Fr. Michel Lagarde, a priest who is not only an expert in the field himself, but who is also heavily committed to Islamic-Christian dialogue.

On the other hand, Br. Bruno translates the word muhammadun as “the beloved.” He is saying that it is not a name as such, but a title bestowed upon someone; a little like saying “the light of my life” in referring to your child, for example, which could not be misconstrued as the name of the child. He says that the word muhammadun is derived from the root word hmd, which is the Arabic transposition of the biblical root word hamad, meaning "to covet” or “to desire.”
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