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Message Subject Scientific Exegesis of the Qu'ran (Video in French - article in english) - Brother Bruno Bonnet-Eymard
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Through serious and genuine scientific enquiry, the validity of the Hadith and Sira of Islamic tradition has been eliminated. It can be shown that neither Mecca nor Badr existed at the time, and thus all the stories of Muhammed’s prophetship and battle victories are just so much invention. It can be demonstrated, indeed, that there never was such a man at all. By systematically translating the Qur’an. even the meaning of the name, Islam, can be shown to have been corrupted. and the historical and theological background that made the Qur’an possible demonstrated. The importance of the Jewish community in this development has set researchers on tracing the path to the true identity of the Quranic author, a man who was clearly of exceptional talent, energy and insight. In fact, Br. Bruno’s work is spurring research which is showing that Islam is a fact, because the Islam of the Qur’an is a fact; but it is now becoming increasingly evident that the Islam of today is an illusion in the sense that all that it truly holds in common with the outstanding genius of the Quranic author is the name of the religion and a mutilated understanding of his powerful book. This is the contradiction become the paradox mentioned at the beginning of this article.
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