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Tucson Massacre Used to Excuse Gun Control to Destroy Rights, Persecute Mentally Ill

The Revelator Williams
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United States
02/08/2011 06:38 PM
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Tucson Massacre Used to Excuse Gun Control to Destroy Rights, Persecute Mentally Ill
The Church of Bible Prophecy predicts that by using the January, 2011, Tucson Massacre as an excuse, Liberal Extremist politicians will attempt to satisfy their vile secret agendas of both destroying gun rights and persecuting those they deem to be mentally ill (e.g. The Devout, Conservatives, Patriots, anti-communists, anti-abortionists, "homophobics"). Clearly, these vile gun control and ammo control efforts are being secretly implemented by the Udall Cabal (Tom Udall, Mark Udall, et al). And clearly, both Tom Udall and Mark Udall are genetically related to the Tucson mass murderer, Jared LEE Loughner, through their mass-murdering great grandfather, John D. LEE (Mountain Meadows Massacre). Also, Tom Udall was born in Tucson, father Stewart LEE Udall, and Tom Udall still has many of his operatives in Tucson. Clearly, we all know who was really behind the Tucson Massacre.
While some say that Nazi-like persecution of the patriotic "mentally ill" by denying them gun ownership rights is OK, The Church of Bible Prophecy is totally opposed to denying any Patriot his/her God-given right to be armed and to protect oneself, family and neighborhood. Gun control laws discriminate against the "mentally ill" in these ways:
(1) Very few "mentally ill" people are dangerous, so why discriminate against ALL "mentally ill" people? In fact, by criminalizing ALL "mentally ill" people, some would say that they should arm themselves because a Gestapo-like round-up is coming.
(2) There are many different kinds of mental illness, virtually all of which are not dangerous. No efforts are being made to target only the truly dangerous mentally ill.
(3) Mind control and electronic attack episodes can and do manifest themselves as mental illnesses. Simply subjecting a victim to mind control and electronic attacks which manifest as "mental illness" is tantamount to denying otherwise sane people the right to own guns. The Revelator, in his secular capacity, is involved in mind control R&D, especially countermeasures, for decades now, so he knows that mind control and electronic attack really do happen and happen to a lot of people.
(4) Not all mental anomalies are "mental illness." For examples, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are NOT mental illnesses but mental injuries. Are they also to be banned? If they are banned, then honorable, patriotic warriors who made grave sacrifices for our Country in combat can no longer hunt with a gun while sniveling coward draft dodgers can own all the guns they want to. What about victims who are forced into becoming mentally ill or mentally injured? For examples, the 1,000s of World War II Veterans the VA subjected to lobotomies and electro-convulsive shock "therapy".
(5) People declared as being mentally ill are almost always from the middle class or poor. Wealthy people are never "mentally ill" but are instead, "eccentric." They conceal their mental illnesses well behind their private mansions, private doctors, private security, and private clinics and hospitals, and are virtually never committed to mental hospitals. When The Revelator, John Williams, was a young child, his father, who looked like a 6'4" twin of Clark Gable, told him a story about a Hollyweird swim party he attended for a new movie. He said that the studio owner got on top of the high-dive board, pulled down his trunks and then urinated into the pool. John then stated, 'That's really insane.' His father replied, 'Always remember this my son, if you are rich that is not insanity but eccentric behavior, but for everyone else, that is insanity.' By denying gun ownership due to being declared mentally ill, evil and corrupt rich and powerful Liberal politicians are essentially exempting themselves from the very laws they force onto almost everyone else, so that they remain armed and crazy while being able to strip the arms away from the outspoken Devout, Conservatives and Patriots who oppose them. Gun and ammo control is just another communistic version of the old Soviet trick of declaring all dissidents to be insane and then sending them off to the Gulag, usually for life.
(6) A person committed to a mental hospital may be there for only a brief period of mental illness when temporarily overwhelmed by a very stressful situation, and may emerge totally cured. In fact, by being released from a hospital, one can assume he/she is cured - regardless of whether the illness was physical or mental.
(7) How about all of these celebrities and rich people who go to "rehab centers"? Seems like they are as dangerous as the rare-exception dangerous mentally ill person. Many people, whether mentally ill or not, commit crimes using guns while they are drunk or on drugs. Would you trust Charlie Sheen with a gun around your children? Or Lindsay Lohan? Gun control laws will never apply to them as long as Liberals control Government because they are mostly Hollyweird Liberal celebrities.
(8) A rich and powerful politician who is very proud of his mass-murdering recent ancestor - a Charlie Manson-like person who killed 140 Christian Pilgrims - men, women and children - raped the women, then left their bodies rot on the ground, is far more mentally ill than even the most hallucinating schizophrenic. So why aren't his guns being confiscated?
(9) Many mental illnesses are inherited. If a person is seriously inflicted by paranoid schizophrenia (often cited as a reason for unexplained gun rampages), for example, then should not his parents and siblings also be criminalized for owning firearms because any of them, too, can suddenly break out with paranoid schizophrenia.
(10) How about people who suffer from some non-mental conditions, such as poor eyesight, color blindness, palsy, people with poor balance, people with bad heart conditions, diabetics, etc. Any of these can also seriously malfunction with a gun in his/her hands.
(11) How about political pundits who threaten to shoot politicians or shoot them in the head, or suggest that other people shoot them? They still can buy all the guns and ammo they want to as no judge or bureaucrat is going to ever declare them to be "mentally ill".

For more information on The Church of Bible Prophecy (.ORG) and its Doctrines and Beliefs, please visit our website.

Your servant in God,

REV John Williams, The Revelator
The Church of Bible Prophecy, Albuquerque, NM