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Message Subject Gang stalking, does any one know why this is happening to good people,is the Illuminati behind it and why
Poster Handle Irdoomed
Post Content
Gang stalking happens for lots of reasons, sometimes a group wants to intimidate someone that is a threat to them. Maybe they want to cause the person to go insane, but more often than not they want something from the person. And the sooner the person being gang stalked realises this the better for them. They can either use the thing as a bargaining chip or deny the stalkers what they want. It places a lot of power into the hands of the person being stalked, especially if the thing is of value to someone with the means to pay for it.

For instance you could say to the person, "Either your idiots get you nowhere or you pay me for my compliance. Either way it'll cost you thousands." Not everyone that gang stalks has an objective, but most of the long term ones do have an agenda and you can use that to your advantage.

I met somone that liked to make losers kill themselves and stalked them to do it. The irony is they're probably in jail or dead.

The many reasons why people get stalked are as varible as there are people being stalked.

I actually have a relatively disparaging position on cyber stalking as I don't really see internet tough guys as a real potential threat. I don't know Trinity's so riled up about them, lots of people have their entire life on the internet. In fact jobseekers in Australia are required to not only have their life on the internet but also advertise their availability for work. In some cases to 5 complete strangers a week. These strangers could be serial killers or worse. The only difference is Trinity is allegedly rich enough to not have to work.
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