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Message Subject Gang stalking, does any one know why this is happening to good people,is the Illuminati behind it and why
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Basically, gang stalking is created by Freemasonry. They basically are trying to get people to do what they are told,don't speak about it or they will create lies and try to get them put on a 'Gang stalking program'

That's right the Masonic brothers who are being more and more exposed as peadophiles are trying to stop whistle blowers etc. Did you know they work a group sex promotion scheme, where you have to basically have sex with people for promotion or benefits etc in most big corporations in London, including PWC, most media/advertising companies. It's their twisted and mentally ill way of trying to make society think just for itself, so married, boyfriend etc you don't care and the freaks actually include children as sex objects. Hence all the Freemasons who have been arrested and let off with 'insufficent evidence' Like Jimmy Saville. Look at the 'Hollie Grieg' case online.If you actually see what the peadophile freaks do, they actually 'program' people with the TV as they own nearly all the media and want to break down the morale fabric of society and create the NWO (new world order). They are doing gang stalking for those that they use their tactic of control, the mental illness industry. Hence, all the advertising the UK about mental illness. They are a sad bunch of mentally ill families, they are responsible for 9/11, 7/7 and 3/11. They use numerology to indicate their actions and to communicate. Look it up online. Basically they use, 5, 11 the most. In numerology you simplify. to 1 digit 1-9. So they use 9/11 = 9+1+1 =11. This is the sign from the Bush family secret society, skull and bones. 11 is a powerful control number of the top families. The 7/7 is 7+7=14=1+4 = 5 also 3/11 = 3+1+1=5. These were done by Freemasonry at the lower levels. They did these things recently as in the UK and USA they needed an excuse to invade the Arabs and Afghans under false claims of terrorism. That's right boys and girls, sadly these mentally ill families have been influencing governments for a while. No longer than beginning of the 18th century. Have a look how many Freemason lodges you have in your country. In the UK we have over 8600!!!!! That's right clearly about control. Who has heard of a charity that is 8 or more times successful in a western country for Mc Donalds. That's right McDonalds that is everywhere! has only 1300 or so stores. There you have it all about control. Whois they head of Freemasonry, why no less the Queens brother!! Yep, any guy or girl with a brain can see that Freemasonry is the control tactic of the royal family and they may have had a parliament opened, but Freemasonry was there to ensure control for them. The worrying thing is that the USA Freemasons obey the UK and all Freemasons report to the grand lodge in the UK, Covent Garden. Sorry guys you never really broke away that long. When Abraham Lincoln (a freemason) did not do what he was told, he was killed, when Kennedy spoke 1 week about the secret societies he had his brain blown out. There you go and now as they are losing control,they are doing gang stalking, trying to implement a NWO. Yep, they are certainly crazy and removed from this world. We should put them on a spaceship and blast them into space so they can have their NWO on the moon. A mentally ill, few of them. All freemason peadophiles on the moon and hopefully they'll die out.
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