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The Only Begotten Son of God/Christ Jesus/Is Not The Seed of David/The Son of David

Anonymous Coward
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United States
02/09/2011 06:08 PM
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The Only Begotten Son of God/Christ Jesus/Is Not The Seed of David/The Son of David
This is just where all so called spiritually minded Christians prove themselves to be liars and decievers of the plain and simple truths of God's words.

All throughout the ministery of Christ Jesus, even up to his death on the cross, one and all saw him as the heir to the thrown of David. Not so, this world had completely decieved itself into putting such false hopes on the only begotten son of God, Christ Jesus, who was and had always been nothing less than what he clearly stated. The son of God. Nothing less, such as the son of David. Yes, Christ Jesus does state in Revelation that he is the Root and Offspring of David, though as creator of heaven, earth and all that they contain, to say anything less would make Christ Jesus out to be a liar. For the Root of Jesse, the seed of David, Christ Jesus did create.

Christ Jesus being the son of David is pure an utter nonsense. It would be most impossible to be the son of a mere mortal man an also the only begotten son of God. The virgin birth came about by the seed of God, via the Holy Spirit. This is most clearly not of mere mortal human seed, this is just what it is. The seed of God by way of his Holy Spirit. Once again, no mortal man was involved or could possibly be involved so as to make "VOID" this virgin birth of the only Son of God, Christ Jesus!

Now with the plain and simple truth in mind, Christ Jesus was seen as the son of David in complete and total error on the part of all involved at his coming. Yes, Jesus never denied that he was the son of David all were expecting. Let a fool in their folly go their own way seems to be the order of that day and age of Christ Jesus. After all, Christ Jesus came to save his own from the wrath of God that was yet to come. So it is all that simple. If you see Christ Jesus as the son of David, you have no eternal savior, the likes of the only begotten Son of God. Calling upon the son of David will do you no good at all. Just look in the gospel of Matthew and see for yourself. When ever Christ Jesus was addressed as the Son of David, he simply egnored those who addressed him as such.

Now, there is a world of difference between the Son of David and the only begotten Son of God, Christ Jesus. Very basic and simple to understand. One being the creator of heaven and earth and all they contain, the other being created.

Christ Jesus has already come in the flesh of mere mortal man by the way of the seed of God/Holy Spirit. Virgin birth. The Son of David, the mere mortal man, by the seed of David's offspring is yet to appear, that is in being made known by God. The time is near at hand for God to do so. The heir to David's thrown, here upon this earth is yet to be given by God in these last days. Those in the spiritual knowledge and understanding of the ways of God, are not looking foreward to the soon return of Christ Jesus, but the revealing of the heir of David's thrown. The select, called, chosen and fully anointed by the power of God's Holy Spirit, heir to the Davidic thrown, Son of David, child of God by way of Christ Jesus.

To be awaiting anything else at this hour is pure foolish nonsense. You have God's complete, full and unfailing words on that! Plain and simple truth of God's words, do you know it? Have you been decieved into believing a lie? Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling, as your eternal fate does indeed depends upon it.

Mere human understanding has been the order of the day since Christ Jesus an has not changed at all. Coming into a more complete and perfect relationship with the Lord and God of all is most needed to have the right and proper understanding of All things created. Go to the source of all that ever was and is yet to come an see for yourself. God's words are spiritually decerned, thus needing God's ability to see all things most clearly. Lean not on your own understanding, but in all of God's ways acknowledge him and he will direct you in the way of his living words of eternal life. I have no futher need to explain things to you as you have the same ability to be in touch with the Lord and God of All as I do.

You're on your own, in Christ Jesus I pray!

This has been posted in responce to ever so many expecting the soon return of Christ Jesus. This simly in not going to happen till well after the Son of David has been revealed and does reign upon this earth for a thousand years. As the bible does so clearly state to one an all who know God by way of Christ Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.