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Subject Expose the Illuminati - Direct Action
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Ok, we all have some idea of who exactly ARE the Illuminati, so why dont we try some direct action to expose them?

Ie, we can find out where they live, work, play and target them.. ie, stop their cars from moving outside their houses, start a mass movement to expose them through emails to newspapers, tv channels, etc, etc.. Stalk them the way the papparazzi stalk celebrities.. instead of talking, talking and more talking, we need to take action....

obviously we would need at least 20-50 people at any one time to do this... but once it catches on, it will be easy...

Lets stop with the me, me, me mentality and think about our fellow Man.. Look at the protests in Egypt and Tunisia, we can emulate them on a smaller and easier scale only targeting institutions and other places that are symbols of and residences of the Illuminati...

What do you think?
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