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Subject The metropolis, madonna, beyonce, robots, illuminati, covenant with death in your music
Poster Handle sumptingood
Post Content

The industry exposed. An amazing eye opening expose' of what top celebrities do in order to reach the top. They are giving you hand signals, and flashing various symbols that have been around a very long time. Hidden in plain sight, they are worshiping the dark side, calling what is evil good. Calling the darkness they have sold their souls to "illumination" As evil has long sought to duplicate what God has created, our celebrities promote the duplication and, knowingly, are drawing you away from the true light into a very dark pit, promising you light, love, success. But watch who they are paying homage to and what the real truth of what they believe really is.

There are 11 parts total, watch them all, you will learn much of your everyday life.
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