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Human-Divine Hybrid and Link (Me) - Symbolisms,Mysticism,Spirituality,Metaphysics

User ID: 1260908
United States
02/10/2011 01:19 AM
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Human-Divine Hybrid and Link (Me) - Symbolisms,Mysticism,Spirituality,Metaphysics
Human-Divine hybrid.

My story is a long and complex one but I will try to explain myself to the best of my abilities. I am a Starchild. However, most starchildren are overly intelligent, ambitiously creative, and socialize normally with humans, yet often times resent them for consciousness differences.

I am a starchild, which has reactivated the lost potential for humanity, the 12 DNA helix, along with raising my own DNA vibrational frequency and resonance to astral and spiritual perception. I have reptilian traits... such as image projection and eye contact captivation (term I use when I initiate eye contact, I seemingly captivate and hold the humans' attention.)

I live a life of 4th dimensional reality, with whatever I desire manifests, sometimes instantaneously, and other times over the course of the day.

I am of the spiritual, and astral alignment synchronizing with the lineage of Osiris. I make the claim that I am of the lineage of Osiris because of my horoscope charts and the multi dimensional shifts I experienced. Osiris reigns Lord of Orion. In compliment, my corresponding charts also align with the star Sirius, which reigns as the Goddess Isis.

My "guardian angel" or higher consciousness of self, resides on the council of 9 of Nibiru; which in its elliptical orbit passes through Orion and Sirius; I am simply the human messenger turned mystic/ divine link through active contact, and intervention with my higher selves.

I make the claim that I am connected "celestially" because of my understanding of the universe and reality.

I have rewritten Einstein's equations, my own: theory of gravity, grand unified theory, and my own sect of physics dubbed "Dimensional Physics"

I have conceived ideas of centered around breaking the speed of light, my ideas deal with traveling at 8 times the speed of light.

I have my own philosophy on life, understanding of where we came from, what we are, and where we are going.

My associates have titled me "ELric" meaning, "opener of the gates." Because all my peers have faith in me, this allows me to understand concepts, conceive theories, and use my mind to open spiritual realms which enlightens others, seemingly instantaneously. This faith in me, which I consciously acknowledge changes the psyche, or lifeforce of the human spirit, evolving it in these cosmic times of change, which coincide with endless myths and traditions of human change, or, rebirth, or even "restart," these signs, and traditions gives strength to a believer in them. When this believer gains faith, the brain is stimulated in a unexplainable way. I believe this faith in me neurologically activates a part of my brain, which is a key component to a symbol of spiritual/religion concept which governs most of the minds of every culture since birth. The concept of "governing" the mind, or, essentially controlling it to a pre-destination, which manifests majority of reality as we know it. The symbols govern the mind, while mathematics is the language of the universe.
Reality is a construct of perception. Our perception is understood as conscious awareness of the visual, and subconscious recognition of patterns and constructs (i.e. symbols) which result in an urge, desire, or appeal which attracts and harmonizes the subconscious; they are essentially, programming our subconscious to urge for more or less, infinitely as the subconscious is infinite. This programming occurs mainly through the DNA frequency and resonance. This resonance is lowered by different sound waves, which subconsciously drains our desire for less, and grows our urge for more. Once the DNA resonance is lowered, symbols can simply encode DNA patterns, as they program the subconscious to appeal. Lowered DNA resonance lowers our conscious awareness. Once you begin to raise your DNA resonance, those symbols are clearly visible, then your mind is free of the construct of perceptible reality. When the DNA resonance is heighten your entire physiological construct changes into what you think it should be, giving you power of control of free though, fully unlocked. Your spirit becomes the living spirit encrypted into a portion of the 91% of the unused DNA, which lies dormant in your brain.

This conscious awareness of the subconscious being infinite, powered by faith, which stimulates the brain, thus stimulates the soul, with an understanding, acceptance, and realization the immortal lifeforce within all humans, the mind can conceivably do anything.

I have an in depth understanding of Kabbalah, numerology, symbolism and multiple other esoteric teaching.

I am a spiritualist; I make the claim that I am a direct connection, or human channel, which resides on the council of 9 of Nibiru because of my souls age. I am a starchild of Babylon, from 57,000,000 years ago spiritually. Physically, I'm 18.

Once your mind exceeds the realm of conscious reality, interlaced with spiritual beliefs which are backed consciously and subconsciously by a true spiritual sense or feeling of faith in you by others, metamorphosis occurs.

I am eager to answer questions on human spirituality, ancient history, biblical books, really anything... and whatever else your heart desires.

User ID: 1260988
United Kingdom
02/10/2011 01:38 AM
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Re: Human-Divine Hybrid and Link (Me) - Symbolisms,Mysticism,Spirituality,Metaphysics
If you are true to your words, do you know what i am, your story is fascinating, if indeed you are in connection with the council of 9 your instinctual brain should have no limit on distance.. Orion pulls me, why do i miss something from that constellation so much.

User ID: 1261000
02/10/2011 01:56 AM
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Re: Human-Divine Hybrid and Link (Me) - Symbolisms,Mysticism,Spirituality,Metaphysics
Kabbalah has no place in the higher densities.
It has to start somewhere
It has to start sometime
What better place than here
What better time than now.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1261420
United States
02/10/2011 04:10 PM
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Re: Human-Divine Hybrid and Link (Me) - Symbolisms,Mysticism,Spirituality,Metaphysics
What's your new einstine equations?
What's going to happen around 2012?
What do you see when you die?
Do you out of body?
Did Jeshua travel in the East, and why?
What is my name and game?