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Subject Anyone Noticed a Big increase in Psychic Abilities Recently?
Poster Handle Intentionally Blank
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Like many of you, I've been pretty psychic all my life. That's why we're here on GLP, right?

But since 23rd October (full moon) - when I had a series of 'big' dreams vividly showing the Indonesian Tsunami which occurred about three days later (powerful enough for me to tell a few people)(and there's more to come on that, folks, sorry to say) - I've continued to have dreams of future catastrophes, out of the body experiences, and dreams where I am looking out from the eyes of other people in distressing scenarios which appear to be local, occurring while I am sleeping....So, for example, from the eyes of a hit-and-run driver (which I then read about in the local paper), from the eyes of someone whose home was burgled, from the eyes of someone slipping on ice.

Also having lots of 'mini-dreams' where I'm jumping forward in time, experiencing something which then actually occurs exactly as dreamt, hours or a couple of days later. This happended to me again this morning.

I'm also sensing a lot of anger and tension and a general mental instability out there.

I've seen a few threads recently where people are feeling similar things and unable to put there finger on it. Not sure if it's even doom, but some kind of mass shift in consciousness, maybe to prepare us for some big doom later on?

Any of you on the forum sensing the same sort of things?
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