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Message Subject Anyone Noticed a Big increase in Psychic Abilities Recently?
Poster Handle newgenesis
Post Content
I do. Dreaming and awake. What's strange to me is I even get these flashes of visions within dreams. Really powerful and symbolic. I don't think dreams are dreams anymore. Not for me. I seem to have each foot in 2 different places at once- bridging some gap. Hard to explain but I lose touch a little with this place because the other realm is more honest. I think I fade from here sometimes. I'm a remote viewer too and that has really gotten interesting.

I dreamt of the birds in 2006 after a very complicated surgery. A flash of a bird with its wing out stretched and i went outside and it was silent- no cars, no airplanes, no dogs barking, no people and no birds. I knew something had gone very wrong and most others were dead. Then this tall bright man came in and i clambered up him like a child and he told me i always had a way of reconciling the silver with the gold. We went outside and the street spun but i stayed still and i saw this flash of the bird again. he took me to an underground tank of water, with a library and seeds stacked many stories. Then i had a flash of running from military gunfire at Denver Airport and they had bizarre aircraft. I was with a different tall bright but barbaric man. Then flashed back to the gigantic shelter.

Strange things! - It was a dream so powerful that it made me question everything. It seemed real. What's even more odd is that those topics all merge here on GLP, especially now.
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