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Message Subject Anyone Noticed a Big increase in Psychic Abilities Recently?
Poster Handle Intentionally Blank
Post Content
me and my family have had prementions in dreams of disasters before, but no i cant say ive noticed an increase.

its probably that you personally are more in tune at the moment some how.
 Quoting: ThesonofhendriX

Thanks for that, hmmmm... my premise was that other people who are a bit sensitive would be experiencing the same thing. The UFO guy thought maybe the sense of doom was about an impending alien invasion.

What's different for me is the frequency, intensity and increase in the variety of premonitory dreams. I'm getting several types:

1. 'Big' dreams about catastrophes, lit by blinding white light. In these dreams, I am there, experiencing it. What do I see? Oh, you'll laugh, I know, but I'll risk the trolling and tell you anyway: HUGE tidal waves, multiple, enormous , earthquake shattering large public buildings (yes, I know, that one's symbolic), and yes, you'll kill me for this one, but I'd be lying if I said otherwise - UFOs killing everyone.

2. Short black and white dreams about everyday events. I may be having a conversation with someone or may be working. These short scenarios are then repeated in real life shortly afterwards.

3. Short black and white dreams where I'm seeing through the eyes of someone who is out and about locally whilst I am sleeping. These are people experiencing some distressing situation.

4. Out of the body experiences, where I'm out of my body and pressing up against the windows of my home or out in the garden whilst my body is still in bed asleep.

Big increase in all of the above.
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