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Message Subject Anyone Noticed a Big increase in Psychic Abilities Recently?
Poster Handle Intentionally Blank
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I had a very vivid one last night. A nuke went off in Miami and everyone I know was calling me saying SHTF when I woke this morning I was still half asleep and thought it was on the news. My whole life I have had daja vu and I have been able to place my dreams as the origin of those experiences. As a result I have formed a vague timeline of my life in the future. In the past ten years I've known what jobs would have long before ever applying to them I've known places I would see before I ever went. But in the same regards not all my dreams are of that nature some are just flat out bizarre and have know explanation other than subconscious thoughts and fears. I have been able to discern what ones are though and what ones are part of the timeline. I have had dreams that are about SHTF since I was 3 years old I'm now 29. I used to see the geometric orbs when I closed my eyes when I was a kid I can't do so anymore not sure it turned off wish it would come back on though. I hope that adds something to the conversation.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1261174

Thank you so much for that. My experiences are very similar to yours. Yes, I have got to the point where it seems I almost always know roughly what my next steps in life will be. Unlike you, however, this is only something that began to fully develop when I was in my forties. At 29 you seem to be reaching a maturity of experience I don't have at that age. When I was your age, my dreams/premonitions were powerful but out of control. It sounds as if you have a great gift.
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