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Message Subject Anyone Noticed a Big increase in Psychic Abilities Recently?
Poster Handle nli
Post Content
OP i havent read the replies, i just jumped right in here.

yes im seeing an increase in SOMETHING psychic with myself, but i just put it up to possibly growing as a person and the veil thinning, all of my enhancement work, there could be so many reasons for the WHY of it.
besides we here at glp pay much more attention to synchronicities, think outside of the box, and the like so...

at the bus stop around 805 am i think it was this past monday maybe? waiting with my high schooler whose bus is getting really late.
the middle schoolers will be showing up anytime at the same spot to wait for their bus soon, and i have two of those at home, hopefully up and awake and getting ready...

so sure enough, here comes a middle schooler, a boy carrying a bookbag on his back, he has a long stretch of road to get here.
so im watching him walk and thinking, damn hes not wanting to stand here with the high schoolers because he seems to be taking the tiniest steps he can to stall.
for several minutes i just stared at this boy, off down the road.i watched him in the side view mirror.
i kinda got into a daydream like feel, with no blinking, jsut staring and watching.
now, i think alot about how i might be able to 'program' this matrix so i decided this would be a good time to try something...
i wanted to make him walk in place like i saw in plane crash alien video ( i can post that video link later) in which a crowd of people show some people walking in place, like they are actually holograms or something.it was from a plane crash event, dont remember exactly what happened.
so yeah, lets program him to walk in place!
as he eventually came closer to the bus stop, i kinda pushed him gently to hold him in place.and damn! sure enough he stayed in place.i laughed in my head to myself happy at this beginning and continued to hold him there still walking, but still walking in place.it was SO COOL!
so i didnt stop, it could have been an illusion like a mirage or something.each time i let him go, didnt push against him he resumed actually moving.
i did this 3 times to prove to myself it wasnt the mirage thing happening with my eyes.
i wondered what the boy must ahve been thinking and if he himself also slipped into a daydreamy kind of mindset as he walked.did he feel an invisible gentle pressure as he walked? did he feel a shift of any kind?

so yeah then the bus came and i went back home.
im feeling alot of these altered states, gettiing ear frequencies each day for like two weeks now as well.
lots of stuff is happening.
all i can do is really GUARD my thoughts and desires and feelings.emotions are the stuff.we have to be particular what emotion we let wash through us.and that can be hard when U get really angry and so forth.

anyway, i think many people who wont ever reply to this thread for whaever reason have been noticing odd things too.
good topic OP!
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