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Message Subject Anyone Noticed a Big increase in Psychic Abilities Recently?
Poster Handle scorp
Post Content
I had a very vivid one last night. A nuke went off in Miami and everyone I know was calling me saying SHTF when I woke this morning I was still half asleep and thought it was on the news.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1261174

I've already posted twiced as AC in this thread, will post as "scorp" now.

On the topic of nukes and UFOs, which many are talking about in this thread, there are noteworthy connections in my life.
I often have very clear dreams of post-nukes survival (never the nuke itself, usually the hours or years after the bang), and sometimes of UFO invaders (here again, not the invasion itself, but rather the slavery or survival that foloows). This has happened to me regularly for years now. It is never clear whether flying ships are populated by aliens or humans.
Those dreams are not prophetic, I can see the difference, there is too much fantasy in them, but I think they are a mix of fantasy and reality. I can't tell what exactly is real, and I'm not sure I want to know.

There is one thing that is, I fear, prophetic in all this mess, it's a situation where I lead a small group of people in a post-nuke or post-armageddon setting to survival. That has appeared to me in such a way I know will happen in my lifetime.
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