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Message Subject Anyone Noticed a Big increase in Psychic Abilities Recently?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
There are the dreams that we all have and then those that are messages, we know those as they are more than dreams. I have those as do my wife, they are less frequent and timed for some reason.

I see a loosening of our physical body and a changing to some other forms. Some do and some don't. To combine the two of us, it goes like this. There is a trasition to something else. There is an uprising from the mice or small people, many of the others are destroyed, some change and connect with the earth/spirit and are spared, they become enthralled with nature.

Some make a complete transition, some don't even know it is happening and those may be the ones that go bonkers. We are going to have a stoppage due to the sun.

A period of time is to pass and a great separation of loved ones will happen, new relationships will occur and then after 17 years joyful reunions. Those whom are on earth will be few and they will be walking like in old, no cars or transportation as we have today. Homes will be abondoned as are all things, and those few will use what is there for a time, but the world is green again and those whom are there are joyful.

I suppose at some point, tshtf, but that is life. But the new world is a beutiful place.
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