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Message Subject Anyone Noticed a Big increase in Psychic Abilities Recently?
Poster Handle TheRestless
Post Content
There is for me a sense that the earth itself is having spasms of some sort, as if in pain. There's a sort of build up of tension, then a release, then a building of tension again. After the release, I'm less senstive for awhile, then the sensitivity increases again. The frequency of these cycles seems to be increasing.
 Quoting: Intentionally Blank

hmm... I don't think I rely on the earth as 'power' as much as you do. I use my internal energies and when I need more energy I borrow some from the earth (meditation/spellcasting) then after I 'Ground' my energies with Earth to equalize the balance of power between my chakra's & the planet's power.
 Quoting: Lexx

No.. Don't 'rely' on the earth's power... Gaia's power is more like the sea. And we're all in the sea, we can feel the waves. All energy is within and without, surely?
 Quoting: Intentionally Blank

The Fallen ones are here
Their presence causing this increase of this spiritual atmosphere...
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