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Message Subject Anyone Noticed a Big increase in Psychic Abilities Recently?
Poster Handle sailormon
Post Content
I feel a heightened sense of alertness and awareness. I also notice that I am craving healthier foods and have no desire for red meat or junk food. My dreams are becoming much more vivid.

I have always been clairvoyant, but, this seems to have increased. I am getting more frequent premonitions. Two days before the Haiti disaster, I felt that something horrible was going to happen somewhere and I could see many lives lost.

I currently see time speeding up this year at a far faster rate of speed than we have ever seen before. I also see a monumental escalation in natural disasters, as well as, violent crimes in our country. It will seem as though the majority of people have literally lost their minds.

I don't see as many people awakening as most of us here would like to see. Many of us who feel we are lone rangers, will continue to be so, surrounded by Sheeples.
 Quoting: Jackie Blue

Thank you so much for posting this. I too foresaw the Haiti earthquake in a dream a few days before it happened. So much of what you say is also similar to my own experiences. More vivid dreams, the sense of time speeding up at an incredible speed (and of time or this diemnsion or both becoming thinner and thinner, stretching out). Yes, I too fear many lives will be lost, and I feel the instability affecting so many. All we can do is remain calm, try to present a calm presence to help steady those around us. Maybe we're not so alone afterall ... there seems to be a lot of 'Lone Rangers' on this thread!
 Quoting: Intentionally Blank

OP, Wow, you just reminded me of my prediction of the Haite quake. I was just asleep, when I sat up and yelled, "bad earthquake". Thus waking my wife from sleep, pissing her off. I wathched for the next day and then it happened.
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