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Message Subject Anyone Noticed a Big increase in Psychic Abilities Recently?
Poster Handle newgenesis
Post Content
Me too. I have flashes of it while awake. I also dream of these 2 groups of aliens (not the grey ones) pretty frequently and they showed me where to go and who to lead there. I have such vivid dreams about them and so much knowledge about their culture I wonder at times if they really are taking me or maybe interfacing with me in my sleep. They seem completely real. I even miss them sometimes! I dream of storms and water, fires and holes in the sky quite a bit. I usually dream of being in the mountains at night with ufos dreams. These ufo survival dreams have really increased for me lately. But i know i have to lead this group sometime soon.
Thank you! I've pondered that for years and it's seemed so important. Could you elaborate on that? I thought the bright one's statement had something to do with peace and spaces in time- of somehow mixing elements that can't normally converge. Like two sets of consciousness, two timelines or human mind and spirit mind...
 Quoting: newgenesis

Ok two topics here.

1. survival dreams. Let's call this the Tribulation topic. I'm surprised and moved by all your accounts, dear lone wolf friends. Today we are talking thanks to the worldwide computer network, maybe tomorrow we will indeed rejoice when our paths will cross and we'll be able to share a hot meal and a hug.
In my dreams I do see holes and fire in the sky too. Weird colors, as if the whole sky would be glowing orange. The "grey crop circle" sentence makes sense to me : "beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. There is GOOD out there. We OPpose DECEPTION"

2. preserving both gold and silver. I'd have a more mundane interpretation of this - or maybe we use different words for the same thing. If this is what I think (and I might be wrong), then gold and silver would relate to two different parts of the human, two parts that are to be reconciled, to be brought together and talk quietly, under the direction of the "soul" or "true self". I will try to throw some more ideas in here, forgive me if this seems somewhat weird or poorly worded, but maybe it will ring a chord somewhere, and why not, give some hints somehow.
Have you ever noticed how most people around you are unbalanced ? Rejecting half of life and thus being unable to understand it ? What is above is like that what is below, which means, man is a small universe, and there are links between the whole World and the human. He who rejects part of the world rejects part of himself. He who makes war to part of the world makes war to part of himself. That should not be, because if there are so many different things inside each of us, it is because thay serve a purpose, and are meant to be reunited under the wisdom of something higher, of the best and most high particle of us. Reuniting gold and silver might, in this context, mean you are able to remain peaceful while considering every aspect of your person, tolerate it, and prevent one of them from being mean to the other.
Look at the man who wakes up in the morning, decides he will work hard to achieve something good, and does so in the morning. But when it is time to have lunch, he eats and eats more because it gives pleasure to him. Then, his stomach being full, he can do nothing but take a nap, and in doing so forfeits from completing the goal he had set in the morning. This man just let one of his facets trample another of his facets. At lunch time, his "stomach" facet took control and wasted the "work" facet project. If these were two different people, you would say person B is a mean person because she prevents person A from doing what she wants. Inside that man, it's just the same. There is like different people having different goals, and that man just let one of them be mean to another one and ruin its day. That's not how a group of friends should behave, that's not how a human society should behave, and that's now how it should behave inside one person. It is the duty of this man to make his stomach talk to his desire for work, peacefully, and make them understand they have to behave and cooperate, and find a way for them to do so because He is smarter and wiser than both his stomach and his desire to work.
If that man is indeed wise enough, and powerful enough to make all his components work together, then good things happen. If, in the morning, he listens to his desire to work, and tells it "ok, you are sound and good to me, I will listen to you and satisfy you", and then later on he listens to his stomach and tells it "ok, you have to be fed my dear, I will give you the best possible food I can, enjoy, and in return, tell me when you have had just enough of it and then stop bothering me because your brother the work desire needs to be fulfilled", then I would say this man is able to both preserve the silver and the gold.
And by doing so, this man becomes more than just his stomach and his desire, he becomes something higher.

I'm sorry if the idea is poorly explained ; do you see what I mean, and if so, do you think the higher being who talked to you might have meant something like that ?
 Quoting: scorp 1129369

Possibly- again I don't know. I tend to have these visions, even the dream vision within dreams. Sometimes those flashes make sense at the time and I am able to de-abstact the symbols in the moment. Other times it may be years later and the memory of the vision or a flash of the vision comes again and hits in full clarity and I have this revelation. Such as with the birds dying recently. The bright being could have have meant any number of of things by "reconciling silver with the gold" and the example I was shown was a silver/ old gold and bright gold frame on a mirror in my hallway. The intuition of the flash at the time was that of polarities that were somehow reconciled in me, as he made a personal direct statement about me and it was a positive but conflicted attribute, whatever it was, it certainly wasn't about home decor. It seemed to be a multi-abstracted metaphor about balancing polarities.

Another thing about silver and gold in that dream, is that the first being talking to me seemed a silvery/ bright white, and the being I was with at the airport when the military was shooting was golden skinned and more primitive looking because he wore earthtones and showed more skin.
There was also white clay and brown soil in this dream going into the underground shelter- lots of symbols and some made sense at the time, others i just get it all of a sudden. A lot of the prophetic type dreams are like this for me. It does help to hear what other's have to say. I don't talk to people about these things usually.
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