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Message Subject Anyone Noticed a Big increase in Psychic Abilities Recently?
Poster Handle scorp
Post Content
Had a dream tonight ; it was mostly fantasy, but I'll write it down anyways, because somes points seam meaningful to me.

Me and a co-worker were working and joking together. Some people were looking at us and saying to themselves : "oh look, those are two are very old souls". Then I look by the window, and see a round flying saucer flying behind a cloud. I calmly call my other co-workers and tell them they ight see some UFOs if they look by the window. Some come take a look ; the flying saucer is now landed, it is huge and very near. It's black and round, metallic. I tell them we are lucky to have such a good spot, and that I often see such space ships, but couldn't tell them before they had seen it by themself.
Then something alive comes out of the spaceship, it's a "flying puma" (pure fantasy I think). The flying puma tries to enter our room through the window, I try to prevent him from entering by closing it, then realise I'm quite rude. I then say "hello" several times. The puma seems to understand the third time, and a feeling of peace radiates from him when he understands ; he delivers a telepathic message, which, in essence is "greetings, just wanted to let know we do exist and are peaceful". He then disappears, the spaceship takes off very quickly, and the landscape suddenly changes (at that time I think it's a side effect of thei cloaking device).
Then I tell to my co-workers there are indeed many different race of extraterrestrials visiting earth on a regular basis. They seem to understand.

The only meaningful thing, IMO, is the disclosure mode. In fact that dream was more about disclosure than anything else, because in the dream I could clearly identify the feelings of each disclosure step :
Step 1 : some people, UFO researchers and psychics, are aware in advane of alien presence but are not 100% sure
Step 2 : UFOs can be spotted by more and more people
Step 3 : aliens contact older / wiser souls, those souls having the task to overcome their fear and establish peaceful contact
Step 4 : most of the population take it for granted and normal that aliens exist
Step 5 : details about aliens and galactic relationships are discovered, earth enters the galactic stage
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