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Message Subject Anyone Noticed a Big increase in Psychic Abilities Recently?
Poster Handle pauldamo
Post Content
yes,my sister rang and said my 14year old nephew had not come home yet and it was 9.30 at night,she had rung his friend and his friend said he left 3hours ago,i thought for a minute and said go around the back of the house then down the other side,he is laying down there in the grass,turned out to be right,he was to scared to go inside because he had had a few bongs of weed,then the other day the father of a boy i look after regularly said the boys shoes and ipod were missing and that they must be at my place,i told him they weren't,and to look in the garage for his shoes and under his bed for his ipod,he said don't even go there,I've looked everywhere and can't find them,well i didn't hear from him,until his flat mate confirmed that they were found,and in the exact place were i said,i think that if you take notice of the first thing that comes into your mind,you might find that you are right.
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