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Message Subject Anyone Noticed a Big increase in Psychic Abilities Recently?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
could it be that everyone will phase into one of many timelines because this one is ending?
different timelines...
 Quoting: nli 1259688

...Our little monkey brains, however, could not cope with processing such information, so instead sorts time into a more manageable linear format for us. Likewise, our pea brain filters out the other dimensions and leaves us with just one to navigate through. However, there is (in this theory) some 'leakage'. The filters operated by our brains have some imperfections.
 Quoting: Intentionally Blank

I find this to be quite interesting. I have so many dreams (in color) where I feel that what I am doing has happened before. In my dreams I'm even thinking, "I've done this before". They almost feel like memories. I've begun wondering if I'm really remembering another time line/reality. They are so real. When I can remember them, I write them down.

A few weeks ago I had a few dreams in black and white. The lack of color was disturbing to me.

As for noticing any increase in my abilities, it's the opposite. I'm completely blocked right now and I don't like it. I feel a part of me missing. I don't have my normal sense of "just knowing".
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