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Message Subject Anyone Noticed a Big increase in Psychic Abilities Recently?
Poster Handle Ninja X
Post Content
I am very hesitant to post about this, but here goes.

OP, and geometric shapes guy, you are not alone. not in the least.

I know what the shapes are. Or rather, I know exactly what you mean. You see them only in the dark; they are floating, somewhat flashing patterns and tesselations; half transparent but visible. The majority of them have a whitish grey color to them, but the others are distinctly red and blue. They are usually heavily triangular but I have also seen what I can only describe as pixel-like speckles.

As for precognition, my ability in this area is so disturbing that I have become the quintessesntial hermit crab type person; completely shut out from the rest of the world. I live in NYC and I can hardly go out of the house without being overwhelmed, so I have to limit my exposure to large crowds and the like (I didn't always live in the city, so this was previously managable).

Through the years, I have found that Aspartame turns my psychic ability off. I don't know how or why, but it does. So I literally live every day chugging down Diet Pepsi. I'm not joking either, I take a trip to Costco almost every week to get a few 36 can packs. Sadly, I'm also well aware that Aspartame is ungodly horrible for you, but it's the only way I can get through the day without having to deal with the onslaught of emotional turmoil I would have to deal with otherwise.

I know exactly what OP and others have described as this "first person/people's eyes" view of horiffic events. These scenes have always come to me at random without warning, and I remember them moreso during the day because if they occur when am sleeping I am more likely to write them off as a crazy dream. Although I am overall generally highly psychic, my star quality ability in this field is that I can see intentional physical violence. Perhaps this is because I am an angry person, I don't know. But I can sense when things are at the boiling point in peoples lives. I can emphatically feel their despair, rage, and misery. I can tell when they are about to just cash in their chips on life and go on a killing spree with the intent to get shot by the police to end it. And always, always, always, I can see the moment from the victim's eyes when they see their last seconds as they are about to be killed.

Something in that moment, during that fraction of a second, I don't know what it is. Maybe some kind of psychic switch is turned on in them as they are flooded with fear and they try to call out for help telepathically, but I see it. It's transmitted somehow and I get the brunt of all of it. I'm not a damn police dispatch scanner, I can't help these people. Yet ever since I was a child I've seen these things. And the next day on the news, there's the story. Blah blah blah, someone was brutally murdered, someone was fatally shot, someone was stabbed to death, etc.

For those people who wish they had some kind of psychic ability, i hate to be one of those guys who will tell you that what you're calling a 'gift' is really a 'curse' but it sucks. For the record, I was constantly abused when I was little. Alot of people say that those who've suffered through extreme trauma like I have are the ones that seem to figure out how to use their psychic abilities the easiest, by using their brain power to try and find a way out of the things they suffer through or something. Well isn't that just wonderful. I get abused my whole life and then have to suffer watching other people's deaths and abuses.

Why I couldn't get roulette numbers or lotto numbers instead? I don't know. But to you guys that have this happen, you're not crazy, you're definitely not alone, and if you want to turn it off, just chug down diet sodas. There you have it.
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