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Message Subject FEMA Now Asking for Fuel in Addition to Meals, and Body bags!
Poster Handle seer
Post Content
Makes you wonder!!

Something is going on that they are not telling us but, putting clues out there for everyone to see.
 Quoting: Mystic Meatloaf

They do a great job at "playing the game" don't they?
I guess it makes a little sense though...they don't everyone to freak out and panic. Could you imagine the crazies? All of them would crawl out of the woodwork!

does not make e wonder.... I KNOW!

yes it is going to get very active in March, April and beyind until about August and when it is through the Great Lakes will drain in to a lake Mississippi.... We willl loose 1/2 of Arkasas and 1/2 of Alabama

and no bridge will be able to be built across this permanent lake... this will displace millions and cut gas lines in half, and then we will have major lack of gasoline and other gas products... and the donimo effect....
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