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Message Subject This whole mess in Egypt is a HUGE OCCULT RITUAL. Check this out:
Poster Handle Imhotep
Post Content
IMPORTANT UPDATED INFORMATION, for the sake of this matter:

Regarding Gabrielle Giffords as the current Freemason archetype of Inanna/Phoenix, I checked some parts of Zecharia Sitchin's "Earth Chronicles" and find out that her husband, DUMUZI, was one of the ASTRONAUTS THAT FLEW WITH ADAPA, TO NIBIRU. His NINGISHZIDDA aka TOTH was the other. They are ENKI's sons and were sent in this mission to introduce the first prototype of the hybrid Anunnaki-human, ADAPA, to ANU.

[link to www.benpadiah.com]
[link to www.bibliotecapleyades.net]

Ain't sure if Gifford's husband, Mark Kelly, could be an archetype of DUMUZI. Actually I think that the Illuminati are making up their own version of these dramas, according to their interests. I'm still thinking that, for occultist purposes, Mubarak is being used as an archetype of MARDUK entrapped in Egypt.
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