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The rationale for this attitude was expressed in a conversation on August 1, 2001, between the Israeli Military Attaché in the Federal Republic to a member of the Israeli General Staff. There it was stated that Israel believed an attack on the continental United States would so inflame American public opinion that they would permit Israel to "cleanse" their state of "Arab terrorists and those who support such terrorists". This "cleansing" was explained as the expulsion of all Arabs, and even Christian groups, from the Palestine area.

American intelligence officials have repeatedly expressed great concern in meeting with our people that the Israeli government, through a company called Amdocs, was able to conduct surveillance of all telephone communications within the United States. It was categorically stated that this Israeli-based firm was given the American contract with 25 of the largest American telephone companies. This contract was granted over the objections and concerns of the American intelligence community.

The official reason given for this extraordinary arrangement that permitted Israeli agencies to observe all highly confidential investigative telephone calls was that the United States has a "special relationship" with the State of Israel and they had requested this."

This information is completely credible because Israel is famous for impersonating or manipulating Arab criminals into terrorist activites such that they can legitimate their genocidal land grab in Palestine.

"Other allegations involved Israelis claiming to be art students who had backgrounds in signal interception and ordnance. " - Forward Magazine

Ordnance? Is that bombs? Signal Interception. Is that spying?

Hereīs a synopsis of the DEA Report by John Sugg of Creative Loafing, one of the people involved in breaking the story:

A major international espionage saga is unfolding across the United States, with some of its roots right here in the Atlanta area. Itīs been pretty hush-hush so far, largely because the implications could be a major embarrassment for the government.

The spy story is even more touchy because it isnīt Saddam, Fidel, Osama or even what passes nowadays for the KGB spying on America -- but our "friend" in the war against "evil," Israel.

The basis of the spy allegations is a 60-page document -- a compilation of field reports by Drug Enforcement Administration agents and other U.S. law enforcement officials.

Creative Loafing last week obtained a copy of the report from intelligence sources with long-term contacts among both Israeli and American agencies. The government has attempted to deflect attention from earlier leaks about the spy scandal. However, while declining to confirm or deny the authenticity of the document, a spokesman for the DEA, William Glaspy, did acknowledge that the agency had received many reports of the nature described in the 60 pages.

A source familiar with the creation of the document has told CL that the 60-page memo was a draft intended as the base for a 250-page report. The larger report has not been produced because of the volatile nature of suggesting that Israel spies on Americaīs deepest secrets.

Another DEA spokesperson, Rogene Waite, told Associated Press a draft document had been compiled and forwarded to other agencies.

The validity of the scenarios described in the document is attested to in at least one official mention. The Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive, in a March 2001 summary, reported on "suspicious visitors to federal facilities" and noted the type of "aggressive" activity recounted in the document obtained by the Planet.

The nationīs most prominent Jewish newspaper, the New York-based Forward, also has confirmed portions of the vast spying network -- although stating that the Israelis were monitoring Arabs in the United States, not trying to access U.S. secrets. Referring to the arrest of five Israeli employees of a New Jersey moving company who were arrested and held for two months after the Sept. 11 attack, Forward on March 15 stated: "According to one former high-ranking American intelligence official, who asked not to be named, the FBI came to the conclusion at the end of its investigation that the five Israelis ... were conducting a Mossad surveillance mission and that their employer, Urban Moving Systems of Weehawken, N.J., served as a front."

Forward also reported that a counterintelligence probe concluded two of the men were operatives of Mossad, Israelīs spy service.

Reports of the spying were first made public in December broadcasts by Fox News reporter Carl Cameron. It isnīt clear whether he had the 60-page document or was only told its contents. A French online news service has obtained the report, and Le Monde in Paris has advanced the story. However, in the United States, the media ignored the original Fox broadcast, and only a handful of publications. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution hasnīt reported the story although another Cox-owned paper, The Palm Beach Post has.

The absence of reporting hasnīt gone unnoticed. The authoritative British intelligence and military analysis service, Janeīs Information Group, on March 13 chided: "It is rather strange that the U.S. media ... seem to be ignoring what may well prove to be the most explosive story since the 11 September attack, the alleged breakup of a major Israeli espionage operation in the United States which aimed to infiltrate both the Justice and Defense departments and which may also have been tracking al-Qaida terrorists before the aircraft hijackings took place."

In flat language and sometimes excruciating bureaucratic detail, the document relates scores of encounters between federal agents and Israelis describing themselves as art students. The implication is that the seemingly innocuous cover was used to gain access to sensitive U.S. offices and military installations. For example, Paragraph 82 of the document states that MacDill Air Force Base intelligence officers were warned in March 2001 of the art studentsī efforts. A month later, a special alert was issued about a "possible intelligence collection effort" at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City. Among other activities, the base houses AWACS surveillance planes and repairs B-1 bombers.

The author of the document is not identified. However, many DEA and other law enforcement agents are named. CL has contacted some of the named agents, and three federal employees have confirmed the incidents described in the report. None disputed the authenticity of the report. One senior DEA official, when read paragraphs that mentioned him, said: "Absolutely, thatīs my report," adding, however, that he didnīt think the incidents were sufficient to prove an ongoing spy operation. All of the federal employees said they could not be quoted by name.

The specific incidents are richly chronicled, down to names, driversī license numbers, addresses and phone numbers of the Israelis.

Perhaps most intriguing, the Israelisī military and intelligence specialties are listed: "special forces," "intelligence officer," "demolition/explosive ordnance specialist," "bodyguard to head of Israeli army," "electronic intercept operator" -- even "son of a two-star (Israeli) army general."

"The activities of these Israeli art students raised the suspicion of (the DEAīs Office of Security Programs) and other field offices when attempts were made to circumvent the access control systems at DEA offices, and when these individuals began to solicit their paintings at the homes of DEA employees," the document states. "The nature of the individualsī conduct, combined with intelligence information and historical information regarding past incidents (involving Israelis leads the DEA) to believe the incidents may well be an organized intelligence gathering activity."

The document also links the Israelis to possible drug investigations. The report states: "DEA Orlando has developed the first drug nexus to this group. Telephone numbers obtained from an Israeli Art Student encountered at the Orlando (district office) have been linked to several ongoing DEA MDMA (Ecstasy) investigations in Florida, California, Texas, and New York."

Much of the Israeli activity, according to the report, centered on Florida. In addition to attempting to gain access to government installations, the document states that the Israelis approached many intelligence agents, prosecutors and federal marshals at their homes -- including one incident on Davis Islands.

In researching this story, the CL has learned of other encounters not included in the 60-page report. For example, a member of Congress from Georgia recounted to CL of being targeted by the art students on two occasions. A Tampa state court judge was also approached. Neither the member of Congress nor the judge wanted to be named.

In an era where CNN CEO Walter Issacson says it would be "perverse" to televise Afghan babies killed by U.S. bombs, itīs not surprising some stories go unnoticed by a press that embraces "patriotism" by ignoring sacred cows.

One such sacred cow is whatīs happening in Israel and Palestine. Reporters know that to criticize Israel -- to point out, for example, that wanton killing of innocents is equally devilish, whether committed by Ariel Sharonīs soldiers flying U.S.-made helicopters, or by a Hamas suicide bomber who pushes the button -- is to risk being called an anti-Semite. Itīs a tired canard meant to bludgeon debate into silence, but itīs often effective.

Even with that background, however, itīs a little hard to understand the mediaīs avoidance of the spy story. In 1999, word began spreading among intelligence agencies about bands of Israeli "students" doing very strange things, such as popping up around federal buildings and military establishments marketing artwork.

According to CL intelligence sources, low-level alerts began being flashed around to offices of the FBI, DEA, federal prosecutors and others. By March 23, 2001, counterintelligence officials had issued a bulletin to be on the watch for Israelis masquerading as "art students." The alert stated that there was an "ongoing īsecurity threatī in the form of individuals who are purportedly īIsraeli National Art Studentsī that are targeting government offices selling īartwork.ī"

At the same time, American intelligence services were increasingly worried by the dominance of many highly sensitive areas of telecommunications by Israeli companies. Comverse Infosys (now called Verint) provides U.S. lawmen with computer equipment for wiretapping. Speculation is that "catch gates" in the system allowed listeners to be listened to. Software made by another Israeli outfit, Amdocs, provided extensive records of virtually all calls placed by the 25 largest U.S. telephone companies. The relationship of those companies to the detained Israelis is detailed in the 60-page document.

The DEAīs intense interest in the case stems from its 1997 purchase of $25-million in interception equipment from Israeli companies, according to a March 14 report by Intelligence Online, a French Web-based service that first revealed the existence of the 60-page document.

"In assigning so many resources to the inquiry (all DEA offices were asked to contribute)," Intelligence Online stated. "The agency was clearly worried that its own systems might have been compromised."

Often the Israeli "students" sold their artwork on street locations near federal buildings. In Tampa on March 1, 2001, a DEA agent heard a knock on his office door. According to the government report: "At the door was a young female who immediately identified herself as an Israeli art student who had beautiful art to sell." Knowing about the security alert, the agent began questioning the "student." After several contradictory statements, the agent concluded "her responses were evasive at best."

Elsewhere, the document notes that the students were "persistent" in trying to gain access to the homes of law enforcement personnel.

On other occasions, the "students" showed up at homes of intelligence agents, judges and other government employees. The report describes a December 2000 incident when a man and a woman knocked on the door of an Atlanta DEA agent. "Both subjects claimed to be Israeli art students," the document states. "The Special Agent examined some of the artwork, but became suspicious when the students would not provide him with a contact telephone number.... Subsequently, the Special Agent saw someof the exact same artwork for sale at [a]kiosk in the Mall of Georgia."

Many of the apparent operatives had set up shop at addresses only stonesī throws from Arabs in San Diego, Little Rock, Irving, Texas, and in South Florida. The Planet also has obtained a watch list of mostly Arabs under scrutiny by the U.S. government. The addresses of many correspond to the specific areas where the Israelis established bases.

For example, an address for the Sept. 11 hijacking leader, Mohammad Atta, is 3389 Sheridan St. in Hollywood, Fla., only a few blocks and a few hundred feet from the address of some of the Israelis, at 4220 Sheridan.

A dozen Israelis, including the alleged surveillance leader, had been based in Hollywood, Fla., between January and June last year -- quite possibly watching Arabs living nearby who are suspected of providing logistical support to Osama bin Ladenīs network. Especially in Florida, where 10 of the 19 Sept. 11 terrorists lived, the revelations about the Israeli activities bolster speculation, reported by a Fox news reporter, that the students-cum-spies might have gained advance knowledge of aspects of the Sept. 11 terrorists -- and not passed on that critical intelligence to the United States. CL sources with Israeli connections suggest that the information might have been relayed to U.S. agencies, but might have been ignored or overlooked.

Despite the highly suspect behavior of the Israelis, the media hadnīt picked up on the story.

Then came Sept. 11. While America was mesmerized by the "War on Terrorism," the media went out to a four-martini lunch when it came to skeptical reporting.

With a few commendable exceptions. One of those is Carl Cameron, a gutsy reporter for Fox News. On Dec. 12, Cameron broke the blockbuster spy story. He said at the time: "Since Sept. 11, more than 60 Israelis have been arrested or detained, either under the new PATRIOT anti-terrorism law, or for immigration violations. A handful of active Israeli military were among those detained, according to investigators, who say some of the detainees also failed polygraph questions when asked about alleged surveillance activities against and in the United States."

Fox also reported the Israeli "students" "targeted" U.S. military bases -- which is bolstered by the report obtained by the CL.

In the rest of the world -- Europe, Arab countries and Israel, especially -- the story made headlines. Even the official Chinese news agency perked up. Not in our well-defended (against disturbing news) homeland, however.

Cameron, in an interview, said he doesnīt believe the conspiracy theories about why the story was ignored here. An honest scribe, he points to a shortcoming in his own work -- one hammered on by Israeli critics at the time -- conceding "there were no (on the record) interviews. I didnīt tell other reporters where to find the documents. They couldnīt do instant journalism."

Others at Fox confirm there was intense pressure on the network by pro-Israeli lobbying groups, such as the Anti-Defamation League and the misnamed Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting (CAMERA).

"These charges are arrant nonsense unworthy of the usually reliable Fox News," CAMERA huffed in a Dec. 12 release.

Cameron reported Dec. 13 that federal agents were afraid to criticize Israel. "Investigators within the DEA, INS and FBI have all told Fox News that to pursue or even suggest Israeli spying ... is considered career suicide."

Cameron told me in similar language thatīs what journalists also can face. And, whatīs clear is that Fox quickly removed the story from its Web site. (It was reposted this month by Fox after other media began showing interest in the story.)

After Cameronīs initial reports, the story pretty much evaporated in the United States before Christmas. Then, all hell broke loose in the last few weeks. Intelligence Online in France obtained the same 60-page June 2001 federal report that CL has. The French Web site reported that 120 Israelis had by now been detained or deported by U.S. authorities.

Letīs repeat that: 120 potential spies. This isnīt worth press curiosity?

Few papers have given the story significant space. Many, like the AJC, havenīt uttered a peep.

Some of what has seeped out is disturbing. The Oklahoman, prompted by the French articles, reported last week that 10 months ago four Israelis peddling artwork (but carrying military IDs) were detained near sensitive Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma. Le Monde in Paris recounted that six intercepted "students" had cell phones purchased by an Israeli vice consul in the United States. Sources told me that many of the phones had a walkie-talkie feature that was virtually impossible to intercept.

Bush administration shills were quick to try to spin the story -- perhaps to minimize damage should it turn out the government did have information in advance about the people or activities that led to the Sept. 11 attack. A Justice Department spokesperson, Susan Dryden, called the spy report an "urban myth," and other federal flacks trumpeted that no Israeli had been charged with or deported for spying. Of course, in the Great Game, "friendly" spies are seldom embarrassed by being called by their true colors. The Israelis who have been deported have been given the boot because of visa expirations and other minor violations.

The Washington Post, which apparently doesnīt have the 60-page document, nonetheless reported March 6 that unnamed law enforcement officials had told the paper that a "disgruntled" DEA agent had compiled the report after other federal agencies didnīt react to the Israelisī suspicious behavior. The Post, however, also quoted a DEA spokesman who acknowledged that the large number of incident reports had been combined into a draft memo. As with CLīs inquiry, the DEA spokesman wouldnīt confirm for the Post whether the memo was the 60-page document.

Predictably, Israeli Embassy spokesman Mark Reguev derided the Intelligence Online report as "nonsense."

And, pro-Israeli apologists such as anti-Arab ideologue Daniel Pipes quickly took the field with strident polemics. Pipes, who makes no claim of having seen the 60-page document, nonetheless claimed in a March 11 column that the story was a "dangerous falsehood" and that "U.S. journalists found not a shred of evidence to support" it.

The fact that reporters were beginning to piece together real shreds was blithely ignored by Pipes.

Israel in the past has belligerently denied wrongdoing until long after the truth was obvious. Israel claimed Jonathan Pollard -- a super spy who did horrendous, deadly damage to the United States until arrested in 1985 - wasnīt an agent. And, Israel has stubbornly contended its 1967 attack on the USS Liberty, in which 35 American sailors were slaughtered, was an accident -- a lie exposed in recent reports including one last fall on the History Channel. A recent authoritative book, Body of Secrets, by James Bamford, concludes that National Security Agency officials "were virtually unanimous in their belief that the attack was deliberate."

With the purported art students, itīs likely that denial will reach screeching levels. The Bush administration would find it difficult to explain why it either ignored or discounted such a large espionage operation."

Hereīs the full DEA report with supporting documents.

The four part Fox News TV series that got pulled is here.

Recently, the National Enquirer ran a story that "MI5 and Mossad are alleging that al Qaeda has planted weapons around the USA." Moshe Cohen, a non-Zionist Jew from New York reveals the strategy behind that poor attempt at population conditioning. The Mossad has a history of planting misleading rumors in the press prior to their attacks. Documentation for that claim appears in Mossad whistleblower Victor Ostrovskyīs books, By Way of Deception and The Other Side of Deception. The Mossad is much more involved than distributing rumors. Check out this operation in which Ostrovsky documents how the Mossad actually engineereed false intelligence that resulted in the bombing of Libya. Notice the similarity to the Office of Special Plans that engineered the false intelligence on Iraq. Ostrovsky documented this pattern and predicted the destruction of Saddam back in the eighties and nineties:

"Ephraim had spelled it all out for me and confirmed some of the information Iīd already known. He then went on. "After the bombing of Libya, our friend Qadhafi is sure to stay out of the picture for some time. Iraq and Saddam Hussein are the next target. Weīre starting now to build him up as the big villain. It will take some time, but in the end, thereīs no doubt itīll work."

"But isnīt Saddam regarded as moderate toward us, allied with Jordan, the big enemy of Iran and Syria?"

"Yes, thatīs why Iīm opposed to this action. But thatīs the directive, and I must follow it. Hopefully, you and I will be done with our little operation before anything big happens. After all, we have already destroyed his nuclear facility, and we are making money by selling hlm technology and equipment through South Africa."

In the following weeks, more and more discoveries were made regarding the big gun and other elements of the Saddam war machine. The Mossad had all but saturated the intelligence field with information regarding the evil intentions of Saddam the Terrible, banking on the fact that before long, heīd have enough rope to hang himself. It was very clear what the Mossadīs overall goal was. It wanted the West to do its bidding, just as the Americans had in Libya with the bombing of Qadhafi. After all, Israel didnīt possess carriers and ample air power, and although it was capable of bombing a refugee camp in Tunis, that was not the same. The Mossad leaders knew that if they could make Saddam appear bad enough and a threat to the Gulf oil supply, of which heīd been the protector up to that point, then the United States and its allies would not let him get away with anything, but would take measures that would all but eliminate his army and his weapons potential, especially if they were led to believe that this might just be their last chance before he went nuclear.

Ostrovsky knows that being famous keeps him alive."

Dick Cheney and other members of the Administration keep saying they "KNOW" there will be another terrorist attack. Maybe they have inside information. The top level of the US administration (Feith, Wolfowitz, Libby, Luti, Perle, Zakheim) has very close ties to Israel, some of them even being dual nationals. Perle, Wolfowitz and Feith have all either been caught or investigated spying for Israel.

Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowskiīs pieces on the Israeli generals in Doug Feithīs office reveal the extent of Israeli penetration at the Pentagon.

Hereīs a picture of one of the meetings between Paul Wolfowitz and Israeli Defense Chief Shaul Mofaz.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot the AIPAC spy probe. Two officials of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) were recently arrested distributing classified information from Larry Franklin, the Defense Intelligence Agency specialist on Iran. Theyīve both now been fired, but shouldnīt they be in custody?

Altogether, the QUANTITY of Israeli or dual nationals both in and out of government arrested spying and or possibly moving explosives (of the 120 Israeli nationals deported prior to 9/11, many were expert in explosives or signals intelligence (also check DEA report for confirmation) prior to and after 9/11 warrants a thorough investigation and interdiction. Especially given the high-level Israeli infiltration of the US civilian and military command.

Other links worth checking out:

1. Additional details linking Mossad to 9/11
2. Regarding a possible Israeli false flag attack on a US aircraft carrier
3. Daniel Hopsickerīs archives
4. More info on the Israeli spyring
5. More info on Larry Silverstein, the Zionists and the WTC attacks
6. Latest article from Joseph Farah on Iran "nuclear threat"
7. Al Jazeera on Israel 911 Connection

Comment on Rense.com
From Pat

Hello again, Jeff. Am reading the article "Israeli Nationals, Nukes..." posted at your website. Do you know what is frighteningly close to Whitpain, PA? The Limerick Nuclear Power Facility.

[link to www.nucleartourist.com]

You bet I want to know about this information. I live just outside of the evacuation zone and drive within spitting distance of the power plant weekly.

The link from the article on your website fails to mention the close proximity of Limerick to the Whitpain area where the suspects were detained. Thought you might want to know.

Addendum: Selections from a letter I wrote contains some additional evidence and analysis regarding the Zionist connection to 911.

Understanding Before Action
The Israeli Connection Must Be Understood
Calling Zionist Research Anti-Semitic Curtails Legitimate Inquiry

It is accepted among many with Jewish heritage who have done the research that the Jewish people themselves are one of the most common sacrificial lambs of the Zionists. Zionist political wolves, like their kind in all religions, do not care whose people are sacrificed on the march to Greater Israel. Witness the Masonic Pyramid with the all-seeing Eye (top left in photo) on top of the Supreme Court of Israel:

My understanding is that the Masonic Pyramid is a New World Order symbol that looks towards a day when "they" control the globe from the top of their pyramid. It even says New World Order under the Masonic Pyramid on the US dollar bill. Whether the New World Order is Zionist or British or transnational or American is beside the point. The Israeli Supreme Court Building, designed and paid for by the central banker Rothschilds, promotes it. Those on the receiving end of Globalization now have a terrific advocate in John Perkins, whose new book, Confessions of an Economic Hitman exposes Globalization and the New World Order for what it really is: a transnational, transreligious, corporate crime syndicate whose major criminal enterprises are known as banks, intelligence services and "Defense" departments.

According to Andreas von Bulow, the former German Parliamentarian with whom Mike Ruppert has appeared in Germany:

Von Bulow told AFP that he believes that the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad, is behind the September 11 terror attacks. These attacks, he said, were carried out to turn public opinion against the Arabs, and boost military and security spending...At this level, he said, the organization doing the planning, such as Mossad, is primarily interested in affecting public opinion. The architectural level planners use corrupt "guns for hire" such as Abu Nidal, the Palestinian terrorist who von Bulow called "an instrument of Mossad," high-ranking Stasi (former East German secret service) operatives, or Libyan agents who organize terror attacks using dedicated people, for example Palestinian and Arab "freedom fighters." The terrorists who actually commit the crimes are what von Bulow calls "the working level," such as the 19 Arabs who allegedly hijacked the planes on September 11. "The working level is part of the deception," he said. "Ninety-five percent of the work of the intelligence agencies around the world is deception and disinformation," von Bulow said, which is widely propagated in the mainstream media creating an accepted version of events. "Journalists donīt even raise the simplest questions," he said adding, "those who differ are labeled as crazy."

Just as important is the Zionist ideology, well summarized by Yitzhak Shamir, former Israeli Prime Minister:

"Neither Jewish morality nor Jewish tradition can be used to disallow terror as a means of war... We are very far from any moral hesitations when concerned with the national struggle. First and foremost, terror is for us a part of the political war appropriate for the circumstances of today..."

These documents should convince any intelligent reader of the importance of examining the possible Zionist connection to the 9/11 terror attacks. There is much more evidence, and those with questions and interest in additional documentation are welcome to request it. Equating legitimate research and critique of those shielding Zionists from public inquiry using the canard of anti-semitism is a typical attack of people who, ironically, are unashamedly racist, anti-Arab and in some cases as documented in the Talmud, anti-Gentile. Instead, those same people should be denouncing the racist Zionist doctrines and distancing themself from Jewish religious teachings that promote or allow racism.
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