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donīt know if I am over reacting, but I just have a strange feeling it is in the making, I had confidence before because I felt that the good guys within the agencies were remaining quiet and were on to the global terrorists and the Pentagon; however, now I feel that they have been almost fully purged. It may be a large city, such as San Diego, San Francisco, L.A., or Houston/Dallas? I donīt think it will be a large nuke, but a nuke nonetheless.

Under the secret plans, the war on terrorism would be led by the Pentagon, and the power of the CIA would be reduced, Hersh wrote in his article.

"Itīs sort of a great victory for Donald Rumsfeld, a bureaucratic victory," Hersh told CNN.

He said: "Since the summer of 2002, heīs been advocating, īLet me run this war, not the CIA. We can do it better. Weīll send our boys in. We donīt have to tell their local military commanders. We donīt have to tell the ambassadors. We donīt have to tell the CIA station chiefs in various countries. Letīs go in and work with the bad guys and see what we can find out.ī"

Hersh added that the administration has chipped away at the CIAīs power and that newly appointed CIA Director Porter Goss has overseen a purge of the old order.

"Heīs been committing sort-of ordered executionsī" Hersh said. "Heīs been -- you know, people have been fired, theyīve been resigning."

The target of the housecleaning at the CIA, he said, has been intelligence analysts, some of whom are seen as "apostates -- as opposed to being true believers." (Full story)

[link to www.cnn.com]

Iran could be behind Israel bomb blast: Rumsfeld

"I wouldnīt want to suggest that I know about the attack today, but clearly thatīs been one of the stated and continuous purposes of Iran, to harm Israel," said Rumsfeld, speaking at a press conference with his Italian counterpart Antonio Martino.

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