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Message Subject I've Been Abducted By Aliens - Ask Questions If You Want Tonight
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Awhile back I was in a forest meditating and I heard a loud sound that sounded of metallic crickets, for what sounded like miles and miles. My friends were relatively close by, and they did not hear anything. The sound was increasing and extremely cohesive, and I remember thinking, "This is how abductions happen", and I left/ran off.

Can you make sense of this?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1260949

This is real. (similar shit happens to me).

OP is full of shit and a dreamer.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1259318

I believe it is real. Having spoken to the world about my encounters ... I know damn well there is no good reason to BS about this.

Just telling you what I have noticed. What other events have happened?

Usually when in a group, all notice things like this.
 Quoting: AlienAddictions.com

(i'm also the dude who posted about the 12:21-12:34 series, but to clarify the person posting right now is poster from the original quote -- sorry for being anon, ANYways...)

A little bit of background: Prior to that cricket noise, I was having quite an amazing meditation session. I don't know what it was, but I all of a sudden started feeling the desire to slightly tilt my head upwards a bit, eyes open, mouth wide open, smiling in a state of random happiness that I just can't even describe. I thought I was seriously having a religious experience, and I literally said in a whispered smile, "What the fuck is happening?!?!" I was just so at peace and happy, but it felt like I was having..

oh my god...seriously I cannot believe it, this is the second time this has happened to me. Every time I think about this story I always start out the story the way I did with you guys, and then as I'm providing further detail the most intense part of the story just comes to my head...I can't believe I forgot, this is why I asked in the first place. Its like my mind doesn't want me to remember it or something

So basically, this is where those metallic-sounding, insecty frequencies started. While I was sitting their, at this point indian-style (originally half-lotus), mouth open, peak happiness without an apparent cause, I started feeling like whatever it was that was causing me to be so happy and so attentive to sitting upwards a bit was communicating with me. But it wasn't like actual sentences, but I do remember specifically that there was nothing threatening about it. I remember I couldn't figure out in words what they were saying, but I still understood the message perfectly, the content was just irrelevant. During the time I remembered I asked myself as this was happening what the overall message of whatever the hell they were saying to me was, because I wanted to make sure I remembered it. And at this point I've forgotten it, because I swear, the content of the actual dialogue felt more like an after-thought taking a backseat to sheer positivity and inspiration being 'transmitted' or whatever. The emotional feedback more important than the actual message. It was really bizarre, but it did feel like it had to be some type of vague form of telepathy (or non-verbal, mental communication.

Then I realized how loud the sounds were getting, and I looked around, and my friends were 'close', but they weren't close enough to really see me. I picked the spot I was at for meditation, so there was a massive tree blocking their view -- BUT THEY STILL logically sound have heard that sound if it really physically happened as loud as I perceived it to be. This was when I ran because I got this really bizarre negative feeling that felt along the lines of human instinct that really just got me out of there.
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