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Message Subject I've Been Abducted By Aliens - Ask Questions If You Want Tonight
Poster Handle AlienAddictions.com
Post Content
i'm not comfortable with joining a new site right now but i have questions...

I dream about being with a military and these aliens that look somewhat like faintly glow in the dark ram people like minotaurs. There seems to be 4 or more types of very human looking peoples. One is giant (as in extra tall and broad shouldered and robust) and very dynamic and happy natured. One is a shorter human type, dark copperish skinned and almost no white in their eyes, the other is a brighter white and almost radiant. I dream of them so often I think this could be real. They've given me different assignments to carry out such as publications and leading groups. And they seem to love me and know me and sing me songs and laugh and smile. They've said I'm one of them. It's getting to the point where I seem to have two lives. What do you think? Are they real? Am I being taken? Am I one of them? Are they good? Do you know of them? Please help me.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 906724

No worries ... having folks join the site is far from my main objective in answering questions here.

Again, and keep in mind I've heard from thousands of folks around the world who are abductees/hybrids ... for a long time now ...

Your story seems to go right along the same lines. Most people do not experience "dreams" like this. Many people are spoken to in "dream-like" states ... that are not dreams.

The number of hybrids on Earth in 2011 is HUGE. I was given a number, but told not to say what it is. It is a shockingly high number though ... which is a good thing. A GOOD trojan horse attack in many ways.

I'd say follow your missions you are given. We all (abductees/hybrids) get them. Know it's not all on your shoulders friend.

Be you. Do your best. Be good. It's all we can do.

You can always check out the site without joining friend. Lots to learn there I imagine.

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