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Message Subject I've Been Abducted By Aliens - Ask Questions If You Want Tonight
Poster Handle AlienAddictions.com
Post Content
Did it begin when you were a child?

Have your parents and/or siblings / grandparents etc any recall of similar abductions?

Have you ever 'fought' against your abductors?

Have you ever been able to come to a conclusion as to WHY this is being done to you personally?

I thank you in advance for your answers.
 Quoting: Seamus

I'm a hybrid, like most all abductees are. My first memory of it was at age 8. Seeing a UFO ...

Yes. long story!!

I've fought the bad ones, which are what most religous folks refer to as demons .. quite real.

It happens to me because I'm a hybrid. It's my role in this play, this time around.

Feel free to ask more.
 Quoting: AlienAddictions.com

i'll play along,if these are not "spirits" and only other beings as you and i are.then are you saying we have no soul?once we die thats it?if not do "they" believe in an after life?if so expand on it if you can?
 Quoting: ThePaleRider77

Great question .. glad you asked me to clarify. Your impression of my beliefs are WAY off.

All beings have spirits, even the devil himself ... certainly humans do. That said, the demons and the devil can "posess' and will "posess" a soul. They're good at this.

When this body dies, the soul remains in the same place it's always been .. in the 4d, which is a circular reflection of everything!! meaning all things are in all places ... but this is why when people have NDE's they see their bodies as they are "floating up" ... in reality they are floating back to the 4d only, which is where the soul always lies. It also strongly implies we can at least see after "death".

All beings I've encountered, both good and bad, fully acknowledge the 4d and the soul. Reincarnation is quite real as told by both sides!!

The bad side will use souls that have passed after this life, while the good will wait until the time is right, then reincarnate.

Heaven/Hell = Karma, long term. You can stay stuck in awful places for as long as you let yourself do it.
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