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Message Subject I've Been Abducted By Aliens - Ask Questions If You Want Tonight
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

A hybrid is a person, who looks much like everyone else here on Earth, but has had upto 10% alien DNA spliced into them.

We're grown in tubes. Our mothers are almost alway hybrids too .. but at this point in time, our mothers are zapped up into ships/other dimensions and we are placed in the womb.

So in a sense, we're genetic experiments ... That said, we're all hybrids if we look back far enough. We all come from one, a long, long time ago.
 Quoting: AlienAddictions.com

Ok so how do u know that you are one? Im sure there arent many gp clinics where u can go in and say ill have a dna test please and tell me if its 100% human.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1259759

Im asking because i truly want to know so please dont think im attacking you also i have seen a 4ft blue glowing creature in my room next to my bed holding sometihng retangular coming towards me and 2 weeks ago i saw a 6ft tall creature cream coloured with a thing neck i couldnt see its head properly but it was oval shaped and it was too holding a retangular object coming towards me it looked liek a large peice of paper or a thin pillow. i reached out to touch it and it cam towards me then i got scared and yelled out go in jesus name and it vansihed.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1259759

Look up the "black box" .. is this what it was handing you?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1214258

I looked up the blak box and its a recorder on airplanes? No this thing was white it was about a meter long and a half meter wide i got scared the second time because ithought it was a pillow but then i thought no it looks like paper when i thought it was a pillow i thought OMG this thing is coming to suffocate me in my sleep the second experience where this hapened i actually talked to it I said who are you? who's there? and it came towards me then i sat right up in bed and stared right at it i streched out my hand to touch it and started trying to slap it away and quicly said i commande u to leave i didnt invite you hear in jesus christ name! And it left through the ceiling.

I told my sister she said it was prob sleep paraylisis i agreed cause i didnt want to seem nuts but i think it was real i could fully move my entire body sleep paraylisis you cant move at all or u can only wiggle yr fingers or toes i fully sat up i knew i was awake after it vanished i turned the light on and it was gone my heart was racing and i kept saying im not afraid because god wil protect me i asked for angels to come and i felt peaceful.

I dont know what it was trying to give me or if it was trying to suffocate me all i know i didnt get scared until it came towards me and it didnt speak so yea i know im not nuts i know this happened but yea its weird.

I have also seen black shadow figures in my home and in my car kicking the back of my seat i soudns nuts even i thought i was going nuts but there was a wind in the room...all the windows and door were closed... yes i checked.. and double cheked i felt something brush my neck and my hair moved as if a window was open it was 7ft standing next to me and i looked at it and laughed my head off tho my heart was racing i rebuked it and told it to leave and never come back. I read psalm 91 in the bible and i command the promises of protection written there it made the black shadow ppl go away but the creatures at night still dared to come..

I wonder what they wanted all i know it couldnt have been good. I felt liek they were trying to tll me something but fear of the unkown made me make them go away.

The blue creature i talked about had a viking like hat on well at first i thought it was a hat and then i realised it was a part of its head its looked liek it was dressed for battle in the old viking times and the cream creature looked naked. i didnt see any bits of its genitals or anything liek that because it was holding that retangular thing

I am starting to think these are fallen angels pretending to be aliens trying to freak me out
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