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Message Subject I've Been Abducted By Aliens - Ask Questions If You Want Tonight
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Alien abdutee here.

Hanging out at home having a few beers ... if you have questions ... go ahead and ask. I'm an open book tonight.

I do this every few months here at GLP. Tonight seemed like a good night.

I host a radio show on this topic, about a million views on my youtube channel.

Fire away.
 Quoting: AlienAddictions.com

how do you like it so far?

it it everything you hoped it would be?

are you looking forward to your next evening out with the others?

do you miss them when they're gone, afterward?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1263655

It has it's ups and downs. It's something that must be looked at in long-term to see the massive benefit we will collectivley have. As a Dad, yes, I like that. The Rabbit Hole can be a real bitch until you learn that Karma is unescapable.

Not sure what I hoped it would be ,... just is I guess, as much as I hate that saying

Many times the meetings are erased and you don't even know they happened. I know they will, and I'm ok with it.

Kind of ... I wish humanity could be more loving like they are. I know they are always around and have many ways to access them when i need to.
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