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Message Subject I've Been Abducted By Aliens - Ask Questions If You Want Tonight
Poster Handle Eeek!
Post Content
I found, and read through this thread late, I realize you're doing your radio show, but I hope that later you will be able to get back to this thread.

I've always been interested in this stuff and have had many encounters with what you would call Grays, I call them demons.

I read through the material that would indicate hybridism, and lets just say that I have alot of earmarks, nearly all of them.

My encounters never go well. I feel intense dread, and white, burning hot anger, and I am a very, very, un-angry person. from the time I was very young I was very conscious of these experiences, and overtime I became less and less submissive, shall we say. Culminating in an extremely emotional and dramatic episode that I have a clear memory of when I fought the bad guys out of my house, as they were in my parents room. To this day I question on what level this happened? was it actual, physical? In a dream state or some psychic form? I dunno. After this event it was a long time until I would see them again.

I am now married, and a couple years ago, I started having these experiences again, though perhaps not as bad, they are quite disconcerting. Figures standing over my bed, in my room, paralysis, primal fear. Though my wife has genetic traits that should be dominant our children, 10 month old twins, share my blonde hair, light blue eyes, and fair complexion. This thread has really got the wheels in my head turning. What does this mean for my kids? If anything?

I have strong feelings about this but I feel that the idea that I am special/sent for a mission, is presumptious. I am a religious man, I feel humility is necessary as a Christian, to pray for signs or some kind of revelation and expect some kind of heavenly assignment is a big assumption, and really none of my business. But that one particular night, back at home, I know I wasn't alone, the bad guys are much stronger than me alone. Does any of this make sense?
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