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Message Subject Which state will secede first ??? I bet Arizona will then South Carolina
Poster Handle Dr. House
Post Content
Depends on the current politics.

You can count out any state that pays into the federal tax account and gets more than they pay in.

you can also forget those states that 'break even' meaning for every tax dollar they give to the IRS they get a tax dollar of services back from the Federal Government.

I do not know about Texas and Arizona, however California pays in a dollar and only sees 75 cents back from the IRS.

With 10% of the US population residing in California that is billions of dollars a year we could have kept for our own services. I did the math several months ago and it strikes me that without the Federal Government California would not only be in the black but be able to pay of its debt in less than 2 years.

Financially it makes sense for California to leave the USA.

Since we are now producing 45% of the food the US eats, it is also a good time for us to leave. After all we can continue to export food to the USA (for a minor export fee), or the Feds can get all upset about our leaving and we can just ship that food to places like China, India, Mexico...

By 2020 we will be producing 60% of the food for the USA. 9 years is not that long.

So if a state were to secede the logical one would be California, it has the economic strength and leverage (food is leverage) to enable a clean break away.

I think the first state to leave will be one of the smaller New England States who will suddenly move to leave without warning.
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