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Mayan Date: 10th Feburary 2011

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User ID: 1220530
New Zealand
02/12/2011 04:10 PM
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Mayan Date: 10th Feburary 2011
I have read on GLP that it is the start of something. Thinking back to the when the earthquakes started was that around, or close to the 10th?

I'll try find a link to what i was reading.
Being * gnieB
User ID: 1189285
United States
02/12/2011 05:17 PM
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Re: Mayan Date: 10th Feburary 2011
Dear Friends,

As most of you have heard Hosni Mubarak has stepped down from power in Egypt

on this day of 1 Imix (1 Alligator) in the traditional Mayan tzolkin count, which also happens to be the amazing palindrome date 1102-2011. As you know I do not believe this date to be the beginning of the high frequency ninth wave bringing in unity consciousness starting March 9, 2011. Yet, this is still the beginning of the tzolkin round that would lead to the top of the pyramid of consciousness October 28, 2011

and so 1 Imix is a significant seeding date for the processes that are now starting.

The downfall of Mubarak is then as I believe the beginning of a process their dictatorial regimes and authoritarianism will, in a complex process with ups and downs, will start to crumble world wide and ultimately be replaced with a world of unity consciousness.

This seeding is the significance of this day and hopefully many will align with it and find a constructive path to the future.


Carl Johan

[link to campaign.r20.constantcontact.com]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1063435
United States
02/12/2011 05:23 PM
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Re: Mayan Date: 10th Feburary 2011
What do the Mayans think of all this?