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Message Subject MEANS TO SELF (My Personal Goals)
Poster Handle Incognito
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Great topic OP, thanks for sharing.

You have shared the original qualities of the soul. Only with regulare practice of meditation have I found it possible to bypass the 'rubbish' of the surface and go within to tune into these original qualities of peace, purity, love, strength etc. Then the challenge comes when putting them into practice in everyday life - especially during these transformational times when we encounter both the very best and the very worst of ourselves and others.

Making time to go within, practicing present moment awareness and just being are essential to recovering the original self imo. Mindfulness meditation is a great place to start - simple and universal (no religous dogma involved) so it can resonate with all.

We have no time to look to others and point fingers at what they are or are not doing - only time to work on ourselves and if possible inspire others to look within also.

Working towards balance of the four following practices is very helpful in self transformation:

Knowledge (Gyan) - Authentic knowledge of self as an eternal spiritual being living within a material body and playing a part in the material world. Knowledge of a pure altruistic energy (call it Universe, Creator, God, Shiva, Divine, etc - whatever works best for the individual. Knowledge of karma (cause and effect) - for every action there will be an equal and opposite reaction. What is manifest in the world at present is our collective karma of centuries of forgetfulness of our original form.

Yoga (meditation) - true meaning 'Union' - taking knowledge of self as soul one step further into awareness of self as soul. Experimenting in soul awareness with tuning into universal energy of peace, purity, etc and absorbing these experiences during quiet reflection and meditation, time in nature etc but also while going about everyday activities.

Dharma (inculcation of virtue) - Bringing this awareness into everyday life and strengthening the original qualities of the soul. Each day will bring plenty of opportunity and challenges to practice, these will be both internal and external. This does not mean becoming a doormat - self-resepct and assertiveness are essential and it is possible to exercise these while still maintaining good wishes for others.

Service - of self, others, worldThis is a natural progression of the three previous practices. As I transform myself to become a more authentic being then the energy I send out is more positive and automatically assists others and world around me.

Each soul is equal - different parts to play on the world stage but each one no better or no less than another.

For anyone interested in embarking on self-transformation then a very simple and straighforward book to read on the topic is "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz. I find myself going back to this particular book often and it has taught me to question absolutely everything - most especially my own false self belief systems and cultural conditioning.

Good wishes to all during these transformational times.
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