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Message Subject Jesus' Book: A COURSE IN MIRACLES.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I should have put this at the beginning of this thread, but if its important to people, they will find it here.

This is how anyone can study it free online at this site:

[link to courseinmiracles.com]

If you begin with what is called the 'URTEXT', you will find that it contains ALL of the scribed material Jesus gave Helen to write down, and from which Bill Thetford was to do the editing.

I found it extremely interesting, even though some of it which has to do with personal information pertaining only to Helen and Bill, and people they both knew was not important to be included in the final editions.

Many will be surprised at what Jesus says in the URTEXT about Sigmund Freud and other psychologists, and also especially Edgar Cayce.

Bill Thetford who was the original editor dedicated his edition to Hugh Lynn Cayce, and gave Edgar's son the first copy which has been called the HLC edition or Hugh Lynn Cayce edition.

It is a very interesting part of the Urtext to read.

 Quoting: T of G 1261615

The urtext containes a lot of unscribed material. the scribed material is the 365 lessons.
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