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Message Subject TRANCE # Possible Ear Candy # DEEP HOUSE, GOA- TECHNO- & PSY TRANCE
Poster Handle N.O.S. (nli)
Post Content

OK. I'll keep in mind not to overdo with the harder stuff. It's just that I love faster paced edm, and I used to do a lot of schranz and hardtechno sets. I was even quite disappointed once techno slowed down in pace and all the producers whose faster music I liked, started to produce slower stuff all of a sudden. Even the slower stuff can be played at a faster BPM and layered with more percussion while mixing. I used to do that a lot in real time while mixing. Playing a 130 BPM track at 140-150 BMP and adding lots of layers of percussion :p

Should I also stop posting darkpsy and darker forms of slower paced house, techno and trance?
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