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Message Subject Ouija board
Poster Handle Mama Teri
Post Content
It's the devil!!!!!!!! I am serious throw them away!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1076792

The Ouiji Board is like any other form of divination, whether it be crystal balls, scrying, tarot, pendulum, etc. If you protect yourself and your surroundings, make your intent perfectly clear that you will only speak with those who come from a positive source, say a prayer, or whatever form of protection that you wish to invoke, then it is nothing to be fearful of. If you leave your space unprotected, or purposfully try to call forward dark knowledge, then you have the possibility of attracting all kinds of questionalble spirits/entities.
 Quoting: Mama Teri

Could be,but you also know that when kids play
these boards together (without any protection,without an adult)
Things could get seriously wrong,mentally i mean..
 Quoting: Fabian

You do have a point there. I never used one as a child, hell I had my own ghosties to deal with without calling forth others. I was in my late 30's/early 40's before I got myself one and I knew enough to protect my space before attempting anything. Kids probably enjoy the spook factor of playing with this, and in all honesty it is NOT a game is NOT to be 'played' with because in the wrong hands then yes, some very uncomfortable experiences can happen. As far as being possessed...I don't believe in possession anymore than I believe in voodoo/curses. The only way a curse can affect you is if you BELIEVE in them.
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