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The Internal Heat Source Of Our Earth

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02/14/2011 11:19 AM
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The Internal Heat Source Of Our Earth
Using a known scintillator are some of the rarest particles detected so far.

These so-called geo-neutrinos and the analyzed data indicate the existence of an internal heat source in the Earth.

The instrument is located deep under a mountain in Italy and was operated by two physicists at the University of Massachusetts.

Geo-neutrinos, anti-neutrinos are generated during the radioactive decay of uranium, thorium, potassium and rubidium, deep in the rocks of our planet. Thought to be a signficant decline is unknown but may explain some of the heat deep inside the Earth is generated.

Borexino is an experiment of the Laboratorio Nazionale del Gran Sasso underground laboratory in a 10 km long tunnel, about 1.5 km under the Gran Sasso in the Apennines. The laboratory was initially developed to subatomic particles from the Sun to catch.

Neutrinos and anti-neutrinos have no electric charge and a tiny mass. They interact with matter only through gravity and weak nuclear force, making them extremely difficult to detect.

The laboratory is deep in the rocks, so it is less affected by the background radiation and the scintillator also works very effectively in such an environment.

In 2005 geo-neutrinos were discovered by a group of Japanese and American scientists, but the measurements were influenced by the background radiation.

The data open a new gateway to the interior of the Earth and the heat source is there.

[link to www.niburu.nl]

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