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US Pharm Industry Creates Diseases To Cure Them

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02/14/2011 02:04 PM
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US Pharm Industry Creates Diseases To Cure Them
14 februari 2011

Large pharmaceutical companies are very creative when it comes to inventing new diseases and medicines.

In the American drug trade billions to go. Meanwhile, the industry in an illegal way drugs on the market, often making patients' lives at risk.

"Pharmaceutical companies do everything to keep their profits high, despite the importance of drugs is diminishing," said Dr.. Sidney Wolfe, director of Public Citizen's Health Research.

Researchers have examined the numbers and concluded that the U.S. pharmaceutical industry is now frauduleuzer the defense system.

"I had not expected," said Dr.. Wolfe. "Nobody had seriously looked at before but now you see just how things work in the pharmaceutical industry really going."

In some cases the process within the pharmaceutical industry as outright criminals, which, within one year $ 194 billion more was earned in the prescription. In recent decades companies deceive patients and bring them even their lives at risk.

The pharmaceutical companies make billions governments pay too much and bring their medications in an illegal manner on the market, which is not even clear whether they are effective or safe.

One of the largest penalties ever imposed on an American corporation is related to big pharma company Pfizer. The company announced colleagues prescribe a new drug for a condition where not intended.

The director found that companies that develop drugs are nothing but disease-lobbyists when they investigated a newly developed disease.

Pharmaceutical companies earn billions and have the space to advertise for the prescription of drugs to distribute on American television.

"Unless people go to jail and fines to be increased significantly, companies find it cheaper to deceive people,said Dr.. Wolfe concludes.

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