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Message Subject The Real Reason The Illuminati Hates Black People Most Of All
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Have you noticed that they went after Dave Chapelle, Micheal Jackson, Tiger Woods..

I know.Micheal Jackson destroyed his skin. That's my point.

According to the media Tiger Woods can do nothing right. Funny, white celbrities can come back from anything. Think Robert Downey Junior, Lindsay Lohan (cover of Vanity Fair etc)

And I'm not saying they just attack black celebs. They just have a particular hard on for black people.

They don't go after Oprah, Tylor Perry, Jay -Z and the like, because they've agreed to help.

The truth is the illuminati and elites are controlled by higher frequency beings who can take posession of human beings. The less melanin/carbon your body has the easier it is for them to take posession. This is not a slight to my European friends this is just to say, that this is the core of the conspiracy against the black and brown races.

Those of you have given this an honest unbiased look will see some of what I'm talking about.

Do you really think black people went from the top of the world to the bottom without being decided at the top.

The truth is that the black race was the first race.I know this is difficult for many to take, but it's the truth.

Black race is the same color as soil and the surrounding night for a reason. It's carbon. There is no life without carbon.It is the key to spiritual power.

666 = Melanin = Carbon = Divine Power

[link to mountzion144.ning.com]
 Quoting: 666 = Melanin = Carbon = 1216352

Alex Collier, ET Contactee, says the same thing. I think we should ask why Blacks, native Indians, Asians and other races that are not predominantly 'white' have been systematically pushed down for eons. I think this is very telling that there is an agenda, in place for a very long time, that is determined to destroy what is beautiful about the HUMAN race.

The "Royal' bloodlines must go, we've got to break free of their caste system of slavery and their trickle-up economy - all designed to keep each one of us from accelerating our personal evolution.

We've got to wake up, grow up, move past our fears and question everything we've been taught.

I love ALL People and truly hope that one day this will be something that all of us share.
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