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Message Subject The Real Reason The Illuminati Hates Black People Most Of All
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
As a black man, I feel as though the socioeconomic oppression in the past has shaped us to a large extent. I think it's made a lot of African Americans skeptical about the Government, and question authority, in general. I think the feeling of being an 'outcast', in general, can "fuel" one to try to create a world in which there is equality, and cause them to take on things such as political corruption, equal rights, "standing up for the little guy", etc.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 927572

This is not a bad theory. I think the problem with it to me is that you've generalized large groups of people, and that's just not reality. While there is something to be said about higher frequencies of the white people, being a result of evolution and cold weather and the things you've mentioned, I don't think things play out as simply as you've stated. If you listen to Norwegian heavy metal, you'll notice just how fast white people are capable of thinking. The higher frequencies result in faster thoughts, which over time led to whitey just adapting better. The forces on top used this to create worker bees, constantly dumbing them down to make sure they stayed within the system. The blacks were just kept back because they weren't as useful. The black folk tend to use group-think to oppress themselves and then apply it to white people. In reality, the blacks have been encouraged to get into the workforce to join the white mans slavery game. Nine to five and taxes. They aren't able to adapt though. The majority, not all. And it's because of this group-think I talked about. Asians are never mentioned in any of this type of stuff. Why is that? Look at how successful they have become over the years at being good humans. And why are white people considered this one great big person. Whitey can't exist because whitey is so many different kinds of people. And it's all just due to higher frequencies and an ability to adapt. All this higher being nonsense, though, is to mean that black people are animals that are meant to roam the earth with spears? Jayz and Oprah know that black people can learn to adapt. The just have to think as themselves as individuals. So, higher beings...no such thing. It's just smart guys that got lucky with money when money became everything.
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