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Message Subject The Real Reason The Illuminati Hates Black People Most Of All
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
correction, the whites took the blacks to there country and inslaved them. The blacks came from a rich heritage, we were and still are kings and queens. Every King and Queen, that ever came from Egypt were black and every race on this planet came from the black race. Ask any scientist, when the Europens came to Egypt and saw the great wealth, (Gold and ect...) education (blacks had the first language and education system) They con the Kings and queens into sending there own people into slavery however at the time they didn't know it untill it was to late. The huge King Tut like bust or statues that sit in the deserts of Egypt, there nose were knocked of them because they had black men nose (they were done delebritly by the Europeans so that it would not be known by the black race where they truly came from, and to make them feel like the more super race when infact they are not because they too are from the black race). Get a clue there has to be a reason for so much hate for one race of people when in fact we all are one race of people. The tactic here is (satan) to turn the human race against each other and distroy us. LOVE is the greatest power of them all. So before you hate on the black race go and check your family tree because If your WHITE, BLACK, YELLOW, I could go on you are all from the black race. Oh and for the Ball and chain that represent every human race on the planet because every white person is from the black race. Now I know my white brothers and sisters hate to hear this but it is true

Do you really think black people went from the top of the world to the bottom without being decided at the top.

The truth is that the black race was the first race.I know this is difficult for many to take, but it's the truth.
 Quoting: Dumbass Retard

Don't you hate it when you are on top of the world and white people take all your shit and stick a bamboo spear in your hand!

Those bastards! rofl You Dumbass!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 542755
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