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Message Subject The Real Reason The Illuminati Hates Black People Most Of All
Poster Handle black fairy
Post Content
I agree with you. White people love to maintain the myth of white supremacy even if its a lie. Let's look at all the things white people didn't invent like mathematics, good music, good cuisine, peacefulness, love, honor, non-hatred, etc.I find almost all colors of culture infinitely better than the European Culture which is based on materialism and lies. Also Europeans are jealous of black people. And if black people are not a threat why do they continuously stack the chips against us. If we really were so inferior this would not be necessary. If we were really inferior which we're not than we would not be able to compete. Yet every time we do rise to compete they play unfair and vicious games to knock us down because they know that really we will eclipse them. Also the talk of so called I.Q. scores are bullshit. There is no proof in them. They keep quoting these tests but until I see a black student compete against a white student and both of them have had the same opportunities and education than their fake so called "I.Q." tests are bullshit.
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