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Message Subject The Real Reason The Illuminati Hates Black People Most Of All
Poster Handle Free Da Gods
Post Content
watch these movies most of them you can find on youtube

Dark City

They Live

The Brother From another Planet

Wizards (cartoon movie)

Fantastic Planet

The Arrival and K-pax
you may have to look for in the library or somewhere

these movies once watched if your interested in knowing the truth will help you pull together the right amount of knowledge to make clarity of this mess.

white people aka the pink man is not a genetically created mutant or cave man but there are many races of pink man on this planet some have souls others don't some are alive some are dead. so are pink people very versatile yes indeed if you are in a pink body suit then you are compatible with any soul type nameable in the universe

is this offensive to people who are considered white yes but its not an insult its a fact

brown people are exactly as explained 6 6 6 the mark of carbon but one thing my friend left out was this planet earth was named planet Terra long ago thats were extra terrestrial comes from well everyone one this planet is an extra terrestrial except for the brown people who are simply terrestrials. also a soul who isn't incarnated yet on this planet is also considered an extra-terrestrial

terrestrial basically means star-seed or star god
by this being a prison planet a group of pasty white cancerous cybernetic beings brought many races here from other planets, white people can trace there history back to Saturn Asians back to mars now with these small amount of clues given to you hopefully you will fill in the rest of the blanks just like the avatar movie people are the same color as the dirt of their home planet Saturn's dirt is white

so keep researching my friendspeace
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