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Message Subject The Real Reason The Illuminati Hates Black People Most Of All
Poster Handle Free Da Gods
Post Content
oh yeah i forgot to mention racism was a tool created by the Illuminati to make people not get along all of us standing together has the ability to over throw them....

and brown people are the indigenous people of this planet but what is not true is that we where not kings and queens or none of that we did not live like that we lived free we did not use ranks or money or any type of class system....sorry that's not true and slavery is also a myth we were not taken into captivity and raped and worked on plantations the same thing that's going on now has been going on for centuries people just date who they decide to date or have kids with we still work on plantations but now they are called corporations..

the roots was a lie uncle toms cabin was a lie brown people where never enslaved in that manner if you want to see captivity look no further then jail theirs your enslavement there....thats how they always forced us to slave in their societies by locking us up 1st no one wants to be behind bars so it forces you to participate in a society made up by someone else where you use money and pay bills and all that wack shit....

if brown people suffer from anything its mental slavery ever since the Illuminati showed up we lost our ability to time travel.. levitate heal ourselves, use telepathy communicate with advanced cultures.that's a god given right even being across the universe was given by the creator once that was taken away then you have what we have today and that's what the Illuminati does they take away your power

and leach off of you as a cancerous disease they dont need money we do the need our energyrockon
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