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Message Subject The Real Reason The Illuminati Hates Black People Most Of All
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
[quote:Anonymous this is just proof that the brother knows what he is saying and the rest of you don't know what the f##k is going on because of the lack of melanin and in fact how to use it.for all those white people out here buckle up this is a rough ride for u and your no good stealing ,murdering ,lying mummy and daddy.The reason why white people in general along with other races of the earth have a hatred towards the original black man and woman is because they have not been told the truth about the history of black people which have been purposely contaminated and some even hidden by the white supremacy racist which i must add is the key to their power.Black people in general is the father and mother of art music mathematics(Maat)geometry, geography, anthropology science and a whole lot more even religion and the concept of one god started in Africa(Alkubulan) that is why in rome today and all over the world people worship a black god they even end their prayers by saying Amen which is none other than Amen Ra the jet black god of kemit some say Egypt today because of the brainwashing.Lets look at this now-Jesus/Yeshua-his foot like burnt brass as if put in a furnace=black ,Krishna is said to be so black that they painted him blue black- Buddha states that he came from the nagas or serpent people nagas =black even his original statues his hair texture is like lambs wool black people touch your head goddammit like lambs wool un- lest it have been scary curl lol.Even the pom of rome some say pope of rome behind close doors in the Vatican worshiped a black ma-dona and child which is just Aset and Heru SOME SAY ISES AND HURUS.In FRANCE they also worship the great black mother godess and her son aset/ises and heru even their city Paris is named after Ises or Aset.The Illuminati also give praises to Ises and Osiris lol suck on that white supremist pussies Now don't get mad get smart prove me wrong lol.damn i haven't even dealt wiht melanin yet...to be continued
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